Can't breed mare

Iberis foaled a few weeks ago and has a booking with Church Mouse. The booking shows up both on Church Mouse’s Arrange Breedings For This Stud page and under Iberis’ Breed This Mare. However, when I click on Breed This Foal (she’s at location) the page basically refreshes and nothing changes. She is not listed as unbred on the Stable Overview.

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Just discovered two mares I retired late last year can’t be bred. When I click on Breed This Mare the whole page goes blank.

Magpie Witch
Lady Vanished

This has happened to me as well.

I think breeding in general is down. I’ve got a blank page for every mare I’ve tried. Hopefully it’s a bug that’ll reset itself soon!

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I was able to breed a mare today, but she has been a broodmare for several years. Not sure if that is a factor or not. I have bred about 40+ other mares this season so far and this is the first blank page error I’ve had, but I have had a couple others get stuck in different ways.

I’m having the same problem too. I have a mare, Sassy Fool View Horse: Sassy Fool who is able to be bred, however, when I click on Breed this Mare, the section of her page that would show the breeding possibilities is blank.

I have two mares that foaled earlier this year and that I have re-bred. While their individual horse info pages and my stable broodmares page say that they are in foal and are due in 2029, they still show up on my Stable info page as not having been bred yet. The mares are:-
Lightning Bolt View Horse: Lightning Bolt (In foal to Pay the Boatman, due 3/9/29), and
Office Hours View Horse: Office Hours (In foal to Ancient Magic, due 3/5/29).

I also can’t breed any of my horses. I get a blank page on all of the mares I checked.

I’m the same Nevin was at Stillwater with Shanthi but she now can’t be bred, it’s just blank

Now happening with Guiness, who I just retired. Thinking it’s with recently-retired and/or maiden mares?

I went back through my broodmares, and I think you are right. The mares that haven’t had a foal yet are the only ones I can’t breed.

Makes sense. Sassy Fool is a maiden mare, just retired to stud.

For me it’s with every mare that hasn’t had a 2028 foal. Even those whose breeding pages were working before when I was planning breeding season.

Radiant, for example, has a 2026 and 2027 foal but was waiting for Warm Dust to Retire to stud. Now her breeding page also isn’t working anymore. Calico Flower on the other hand had a 2028 foal and her page is working.

I don’t know if this is related but has anybody noticed that there haven’t been any reports of new foals being born for a while?

The last report was 4 days ago and our last foal was 7 days ago.

With the number of stables and broodmares, it seems strange to me that we’d go this long without any foals being born.

I’m working on fixing this, does anyone have a mare that I can use as a test case to breed? I’m just going to spam the breed button and monitor/fix errors, so someone who has a mare with a pre-approved booking would be great.


Feel free to use Radiant, she has an approved booking to Warm Dust.

Thank you for looking into this, hopefully it’ll turn out to be an easy thing to solve!

My next group of foals aren’t due until end of feb/early March and knowing mares the babies may arrive late lol

Ready for This has a pre-approved booking. She’s also in that weird state where you don’t see the “breed this mare” options.

If you need other mares to test with – any of these would be fine. Just cancel their “For Lease” status.

I can’t make any sense out of which mares got affected and which didn’t…most of these mares were already unbred when the bug arose.

Looks like I get to join this thread now. Lol. I just retired National Covenant and her breeding page is blank. She has an arranged breeding to Quirky Scent in April.

Shanthi - If you still need some broodmares to test on, Sassy Fool has an April 2 booking to All That Appeal. I can ship her to Black Storm so you can use her. (I was planning on breeding her on April 30th).

Breeding should be fixed now :crossed_fingers: