Cannot do stable search/game links when logged in

When I’m logged in, I can see all the information for racing, breeding etc. but I can’t find the following information (Game Links > Stable List, Hall of Fame, Eclipse Awards, FAQ etc…) when I’m logged in. I have to log out to look at this and I definitely can’t view another stable without logging out first.

Am I just doing something wrong/looking in the wrong place when logged in?

Steps to Reproduce

Outline the exact steps to reproduce the issue, ideally with screenshots and links (as appropriate). Template:

  1. Log in
  2. Can access typical breeding/racing information
  3. CANNOT access information for other stable pages when clicking on breeder/owner, clicking on this reverts back to my own stable page
  4. Log out, I can now see Game Links > Hall of Fame, Stable Search, etc. and access stable pages - I cannot do this while logged in

Additional information

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This is a bug, I need to figure out what’s going on here (I only noticed this myself the other day).

To access the other links when logged in, click on the image or the Final Furlong text on the left, which will give you your non-stable-related menu.

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