Bugs on the Bug Page

Hey Shanti,

So I am having issues with some of my horse’s workouts, they are set to work out but they haven’t actually worked out in months (eg. NCh. Run Jenny Run) so i’m having to manually work out certain horses… No idea why. Anyways, I was going to file this as a bug report, when I try to open the bug report link I just get a blank white page - it never loads. I use firefox, so thinking firefox may be having an issue I tried to open the bug page on internet explorer. Internet Explorer gives me an “HTTP 500 Internal Server Error”.

It looks like the bug page has a bug  ::)

I know about both of these things.

Have likely fixed the workouts, but can’t tell until it runs tonight.

The bug page…no clue how to fix. It doesn’t store an error anywhere that I can tell, which really doesn’t help.

Oh ok perfect! You are always on top of things  ;D

Workouts seem to have run last night.

I think I’ve fixed the bug page, too. :slight_smile:

So now I can’t login into the bug page, doesn’t recognize my user name and password.

I was going to file another bug. For some reason people can request breedings to my stallions when the days are already booked. For example, Sunday paper has a breeding request for a March 2 slot when he has been booked for March for quite awhile

I think you need to log out of the game and back in for the bug system to recognise that you do’t have to login to it separately.

The breeding system needs a complete overhaul, which will be done in the beta.

Hi shanthi
I seem to have two horses stuck in transit. Gibraltar flower and innuendo can you rescue them for me please

Many thanks for rescuing them Shanthi