Budget Discrepency

I was just looking at my budget from the time i started to now and it says my total profit is $83,085 but my balance is $51,667?? Am I reading this wrong or do i really have $31,418 thats MIA?  ???

Profit is not going to reflect what’s actually in your bank account. For example, I’ve profited 300k this year, but I don’t have that much. It’s possible that you’ve spent $30k on horses/breedings lately, and yet have still gotten enough in winnings that you’re showing a profit for the year.

oh ok  :stuck_out_tongue: That makes sense :slight_smile:

No…it’s that the budget USED to be correct…before taxes at the end of the year.
On the budget page, it shows that we were CREDITED with the amount (instead of charged), although we all-too-painfully know that the money did indeed get taken from the account.  That’s the reason for the discrepancy.
Nothing big, nothing too important…so I doubt it will get fixed anytime soon.  :slight_smile:

Fixed now…took one command in the database. :wink:

Wow, thanks Shanthi.  :slight_smile: