Budget bug

Did anyone else notice that their Budget totals were messed up or was it only me? My budget total is off by about $75K. It started to go wrong between yesterday evening and this morning, when the Race Code was completed.

I have reported it as a bug but am just interested to see if anybody else noticed this problem too.

I haven’t even checked out my budget, but I did report a bug with naming a new foal.  Every name I try it says has been taken, when there’s no horse coming up in the search with the name.  :stuck_out_tongue:  I’ll check out my budget now.

Just ran into this as well.

They may be some of the names used before as sire/dam names for Created horses.

It was actually because I switched a setting in the database, and the name checking code was still checking against Created horse sire/dams, even though they now don’t have any. So it thought every name was in use by every Created horse’s pedigree. :wink: