✅ BS nominations didn't take / double charge

I happened to check the Breeders’ Series nominations page, saw I needed to nominate, and had selected two crops before I realize this felt awfully familiar. Apparently I had jumped the gun and nominated everyone on January 1st during the first wave of bugs. I’ve now paid for two crops to be nominated twice, and the other crops are showing as not nominated despite January 1st charges.

Not sure if anyone else had their BS nominations not take.

I just checked, and I was definitely charged for all the BS nominations, but there is still the option to nominate anyway. Thankfully, I didn’t double nominate, but I’m glad you noticed this error early.

@Shanthi Just bringing this back to your attention. I went ahead and re-nominated since BS entries close soon, but would like the 01-01 charges ($220,000) refunded when you get chance.

I had forgotten about this issue. I was also charged for the BS nominations but can still opt to nominate again. Do we know for sure they didn’t take? I definitely don’t want to miss the deadline if they didn’t.

If you have the option to do the nomination, then no nomination exists (even if it’s in your budget).

Oh boy. Ok. Here I go! Lol.

Edited to add: It looks like my total that needs to be refunded is the same as Shelbie’s ($220,000). If it’s too much trouble to do it now, though, I can take the hit for a while. I don’t mind you working on the bugs first (especially game-breaking ones).

I did the BC Nominations on January 1st but completely forgot about the BS. I have now nominated all Starfish bred horses for all categories except the SC races.

As for the budget discrepancies, as I said in a different thread, mine is up to $274k+ but there is no rush to get it back.

@Shelbie / @Firefly - I’ve refunded the extra nomination fees.