Broomares for sale after foaling

Here is the list of broodmares that I intend to sell as I simply have too many. Many are ranked and some have very good bloodlines.

I still want the foals so the following are for sale once the foals are born. If anyone is interested let me know and I will reserve them for you. Note that I am open to negotiation on price but will not be selling any mares not on this list.


Can I take Smooth Sailing and American Graffiti please.

I would like [color=red]Undercover Girl, please.

Id like Dark Side, please.

Wild child and alydar’s magic :slight_smile: please

I’d like to take Malina :slight_smile:

All the above are now reserved to you for next year - but do remind me as my memory is not what it was!

I am interested in Spartan Queen if she is still available.

Yes she is, I’ll reserve her for you


still have Flash Past, Moon Trick, Silencia and Urban Posy looking for new owners!

I did notice that Spartan Queen has foaled. Thank for selling her to me!

Sorry for the delay - i have had a close family bereavment and have not been on line. she is up for you now

I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for taking the time.

Sorry for your loss.