Broodmares for lease or sale

Broodmares for lease/sale 2024
I have too many broodmares and will retire the first 7 after foaling. If anyone wishes to buy any of the first seven they will be for sale after foaling for $1000 each OR to lease for $0
if no interest I will retire them as I have some mares I will be retiring to broodmare at the end of the year and don’t want any more than I already have

Whiskey Straight and Crystal Gold are only for lease for $0 after foaling.

  • Evncwgrlsgetblues Deputy Minister x Last Chance Due 03/31/24
  • Eclipseoftheheart WCh. Secret of Love x Eclipse This Due 04/03/24
  • Ch. Beyond Time Created x Created Due 04/06/24
  • Ch. Dream Alone Ch. Mr. Townsend x Dream Girl Due 04/05/24
  • London Fog War Chant x Countdowntoliftoff Due 02/07/25
    *Ch. Highland Joy ICh. Highland Pride x Bay Lady Due 04/09/24
  • Emberlynn Ch. Mr. Townsend x Three Embers Due 04/08/24

Whiskey Straight FFCh. High Chances x Straight Bourbon Due 02/29/24 lease only
Crystal Gold WCh. Crystal Rainbow x Goldsmith Due 04/05/24 lease only

I’m interested in Beyond Time and Highland Joy!

lease or buy?

I would love to lease Crystal Gold.

She’s all yours once she foals!