Broodmares For Lease 2023

I ended up with far too many broodmares after I came back from hiatus and retired many of my older race mares. None of these mares are in foal, so you can breed them at any point throughout the breeding season. All of the mares will be up for lease for one year for $5000 starting on February 1, 2023.

WCh. King David(S/S) x Follow A Dream(B)-Created

Classical Truth
NCh. I’m A Classic(G/S) x Ch. Be True(B)-Created

End of an Affaire
NCh. Government Secret(S/S) x Au Revoir(B)-Created
*Half to Ch. Abdication, Ch. Black Spiral(G & Reine-de-Course), Ch Goodbye to a Dream, Ch. Whirlwind, one silver rated sister, and two bronze rated sisters

Fabulous Fairy
ICh. What’s Your Point(G) x Dawn Patrol (B)-Land Ho(S/S)
*Same Sire/BM Sire cross as Ch. Pointed Question

Fabulous Mike
Created x Created
*Two foals to race- one is FF owned and multi-placed, her 2 y/o filly is placed

Foxy Lady
ICh. Dark Continent(B/B) x Ch. Ain’t I Pretty(B)-Almost Home (S/S)

Freestyle Glass
NCh. Void (S) x Gentle Fawn(B)-Created

NCh. Gimme A Shot(S/S) x Thinking of Dreams(S & Reine-de-Course)-Created
*Three winners from six to race
*Half to GCh. Lohan, GCh. Unbreakable Vow, Ch. Highland Dreams, Ch. Rising Fast, Ch. Sheza Dreamer§, Ch. Silver Dreams, Ch. Tau Alpha, Wonderful Dreams§, and one bronze rated sister

Highly Proper
ICh. Highland Magic(G/S) x Heatherette-Irish River(G/S)

Jazzy Circle
WCh. All Jazzed Up x Violent Circle (B)-Highland Rogue(P/S)
*Half to Ch. Sleep Easy
*Second dam is Demand to Know§

Kate Kearney
Ch. Magic Cross(S/S) x Irish Beauty(B)-Ch. Irish River(G/S)
*Half to Ch. Noel

Lawless Lily
WCh. Highland Bandit(G/S) x WCh. Subzero Justice(B)-Lit de Justice(G/S)
*3/4 to Ch. Adalina

Paris Diplomat
ICh. Candidate(S/S) x Forget Paris(B)-Cigar(G/S)

A.P. Indy(S/S) x Ch. Titian-Created
*Half to Holiday Joy(G), ShootfortheStars(S)

Scarlett Runner
ICh. Stressed(B) x Disco Duck(B)-Created
*Stakes Placed

Show of Heart
NCh. Bellagio(S) x Laura Croft(B)-Planet Hollywood(S/S)
*Half to Ch. Foolish Caper
*Second dam is Swan’s Dream(G)

Voodoo Alley(B)
Cross Roads(S/S) x Beyond Imagination(S & Reine-de-Course)-Omaha(S/G)
*Two winners from four to race
*Half to Confession(G), Ch. Minaret§, Ch. I Can Only Imagine(G), GCh. Devil’s Imagination, GCh. The Falconer, and Ch. Thoughtful Moment