Broodmares for lease 2023

I have way too many broodmares and the number of 2yo I have as a consequence do not get the attention they deserve. I hate selling broodies so i have some up for lease next year. These leases are for one year and all at $1000.

Broodmares to lease for 2024

  1. Eclipse of the Heart. (B) WCh. Secret of Love x Eclipse This. All racing foals have either won or been placed Due April 3rd

  2. Ch. Beyond Time (B) SW, MSW created. Four racing foals 2 winners 2 placed. Due April 6

  3. Ch. Sunday Star (B) Sunday Silence x Star Avenger. Four racers, 3 winners. Due July 8

  4. Dream Alone (B) Ch. Mr. Townsend x Dream Girl. Three racers 2 winners Due April 5

  5. London Fog (B) War Chant x Countdowntoliftoff. Two racers 1 winner. Mostly FF owned. Due Feb 4

  6. Ch. Highland Joy MSW, MSP ICh. Highland Pride x Bay Lady. One racer, placed Due April 9

  7. Ch. Elfstone (B) MSW, MSP WCh. Strider x Ch. Undebatable. Two racers one winner. Due April 8

  8. Emberlynn. Ch. Mr. Townsend x Three Embers one racing foal, placed. due April 8

  9. Whiskey Straight. FFCh. High Chances x Straight Bourbon. Two racing foals, one placed, one unraced. Due Feb 28

  10. Wild Irish Rose. GCh. Highland Laird x GCh. Raindrops On Roses. Only 6 races as 2 + 3yo. Raced by me as 5yo winning and placed. One racing foal, placed. Due Feb 4

  11. Rock Chick. NCh. Player x Opal Rock. No racing foals. Due Feb 4

  12. Could Be Art. ICh. Doodles x Could Be Funny. No racing foals, Due Feb 2

  13. Last Goodbye NCh. Black Warrior x Ch. Farewell No racing foals. Due Jan 7

  14. Opal Ice. GCh. Major’s Flight x Opal Rock SP. No racing foals Due Jan 8