Broodmare retired before foaling

I just had a broodmare retired before foaling in Feb. What happens to the foal? Will is still be born? Or is it deceased? This is the 1st time it has happened to me & was curious what the outcome of the foal would be?

This is from the FAQ
If a broodmare is set to retire before she has her last foal, the foal has a chance of being born premature, or if the mare dies too early (i.e. in October when the foal is due in March), the foal will die.
Her due date is Feb 9th so she is within the “4 wks early to 6 wks late” foaling time.

Will it show on my page the outcome of the foal?

Thnx in advance to anyone who has had this happen & can give some insight.

The way I read it, since the mare retired before foaling, the foal was lost as well.

I read it as if she dies the foal is lost. She’s only retired, so you may get the foal early, you may get him/her on time.

The code (and FAQ) are meant to mean what people above have said: If the mare is bred and is due Feb 10, but retires on Jan 31, there’s a chance the foal is born prematurely on Jan 31.

The way the code actually works, though, is that there’s a chance the foal is still born on Feb 10. So you’ll need to wait and see if a foal appears.

I’ll be reworking the system/wording in the rewrite.

Ive got my fingers crossed the foal makes it. It doesnt say deceased anywhere. So Im hoping that is a good sign.

Thnx guys for the insight