I know the breeding season runs from Feb 15th until Aug 30th. Is this the only time I can turn racers into breeding stock? The reason I ask this is that I have 2 horses (1 Stallion and 1 mare) that I want retire to breeding, but the only option I have on the drop down menu is to retire them. I have checked the requirements that the horses need to meet, and they both qualify. If it is because of the time of year, could someone let me know please. :? :astonished:ops:


Yeah, you can only retire to broodmare or stallion status during the breeding period.

Also, keep in mind you stallion will have to now win 10 stakes [one Gr.1, nine any grade] in order to be able to stand at stud.

Hope this helps!

Actually, you can retire a horse prior to February, but I set it up so that you need to retire a horse by August 31. This is so that people won’t duck out on taxes by retiring all their racers in December.

Shanthi, is there a way to open a “window” for retiring stallions before Dec? I dunno that I’m retiring any of the ones I have to stud, but I know some people were hoping to run their stallions through Dec and then retire them this year before the new restriction hit…

Hm, yeah, kinda forgot about that.

I’ll probably set up December as retire-your-colt-now-or-never month…on/by December 31, though, the “window” will close.

Now to go make sure that the page will cooperate with that plan…

Yeah i can’t get my horse to go stally and he’s 5years old and has won 3 races

Well winning 3 races doesnt qualify a horse to be a stud anyhow.

well he’s 5yrs old won 3 races

oh yeah he’s ran well over ten times

Then I misunderstood you. I thought you meant he had won just allowances or whatnot 3 times, as you didn’t specify.

The only horse i see that you own who you could possibly be talking about is Tryst Of Fate. Yes, he has one 3 races but TWO of them are Allowances. He has ONE Grade 3 stakes win under his belt…he will need two more stakes wins to qualify to stud this year.

Actually, he’s technically won 1 graded stakes, which is all that’s required for 2009.

However, Bob, you may want to seriously consider how marketable Tryst of Fate will be at stud. His female family is not very impressive, as he is the best foal of his dam.

There are already 6 studs by What’s It Worth currently at stud, all of whom are 1/2 to other stakes quality horses.

On top of that, Tryst of Fate has only been on the board 60% of the time…as a racehorse, that’s great, as a stallion, that’s pretty mediocre, especially when you consider that he’s won only 9% of his races.

Ah, I see. :slight_smile: I always put ungraded stakes and grade 2 and 3 in the same category. Thanks for enlightening me. :wink:

oKAy thanx :slight_smile:


Just a quick question. Is there going to be a last minute window to retire horses before the new requirements come in?? Or was it just a thought that isn’t going to happen.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve already said there will be. Whenever I can get time to edit the code to create that window, I will let people know.

I will probably set the window up for the last week of the year (11/24-11/31).

OK,Thanks. That’s great :smiley: