Breeding Procedures..

OK, so the new procedures are as follows:


  1. Click the “Breed This Mare” button.
    2a. If the mare is in foal, you will see that, and when she is due (the due date is not guaranteed to be accurate).
    2b. If she has had her foal for this year, it will show the birthdate of that foal. It will also display the range of dates available for breeding the mare.
  2. If you have any pending/approved bookings, they will show up here. You may breed foals for approved bookings, and you may cancel any bookings (pending or approved).
  3. If you have not bred the mare yet, a list of stallions will also be displayed. They are listed by: approval status (required and not), as well as by month.
  4. Once you select a stud, click “Pick A Day”. If the stud does not require approval (or if you own the stud), you will be asked to pick a month and a date, and confirm the date you have chosen. If the stud does require approval, you must select a date you would like, and request approval for that breeding. (Note: studs who have an outside mares per stable limit will require approval if you have already booked that many mares to the stud.)
  5. Once you have a date selected and approved for the stud you wish, click “Breed This Foal”. You will then see the due date for your new foal.
  6. Put your cursor into the address bar of your browser (where it lists the URL - something like, and press Return. This should refresh the page.
  7. Look at the bottom of the page to see that there is a “Next foal” listed.

Note: Do NOT click the “Breed This Foal” button more than once, as this will create multiple foals, and bill you multiple times for the breeding.


  1. Click the “Arrange Breedings For This Stud” button.
  2. A list of all the available dates will be listed, along with any bookings that are currently reserved. For current bookings, you may check their checkbox and click “Modify” or “Delete” to change or cancel them.
  3. For unbooked dates, you will see a drop-down list of all the stables in the game. Select what stable you would like to reserve for that date and click “Add Bookings”.
  4. You will be taken to a page where you can select the specific mare (if you like…this is not required), and where you can enter a custom fee for that breeding (if you would like to offer a discounted/free breeding, or even charge someone extra :stuck_out_tongue:)
  5. Click “Save Bookings” once you have selected the options you like.
  6. When modifying a booking, you may change the date, the mare, the stable, or the fee. If you change the stable, the mare will be reset to none selected, so you will need to re-edit the booking if you want to specify a certain mare (or the mare’s owner can do that when they breed).
  7. When deleting bookings, you will be asked to verify the bookings that you want deleted. Uncheck any that you don’t want deleted, and then click “Delete Bookings”.

Breeding Dates:
The breeding dates available are as follows:
Feb 15 - Feb 22
Feb 23 - Feb 28
Mar 1 - Mar 10
Mar 11 - Mar 20
Mar 21 - Mar 31
Apr 1 - Apr 15
Apr 16 - Apr 30
May 1 - May 15
May 16 - May 31
June 1 - June 15
June 16 - June 30
July 1 - July 15
July 16 - July 31
Aug 1 - Aug 15
Aug 16 - Aug 30

If you see a date for selecting the booking you want, this is the date on the high end of this range…so if you plan to breed a mare on June 2, you would select the 06-15 booking.

The FAQ has been updated to

include questions/answers about breeding. If you have any questions that aren’t on the FAQ,

please post them.

Please keep in mind tha tyou

should only click the “Breed This Foal” button only ONCE. Clicking it multiple times will

result in multiple foals/breeding fees being charged.

In theory, I’ve updated the

code so that it checks if there are existing budget transactions/foals for this breeding, and

if so, doesn’t add more. But then, I thought I’d done that when I originally wrote the

code, so no promises. :wink:

Shanthi - In your first post you mention the ‘Breed this mare button’ for the life of me I’ve looked everywhere on my mares page and can not find it

:astonished:ops: that or I’m going blind.


It will only show up from February - August, as that is the breeding season.

However, it’s a moot point since I’ve already posted about not breeding horses right now.

Thanks Shanthi, that explains it now … and means I’m not going silly looking for something thats not there :lol:

How soon after a foal is born can a mare be bred?  I’m trying to figure out when to book breedings for 2018.  Thank you in advance!

Mares must wait at least 30 days after foaling to be bred again.

Thank you for replying so quickly!