Breeding Limits


I’ve noticed that there are a few horses that are in their last year of breeding. I was wondering what are the limits for studs and broodmares? Is it a specific number of years or foals they can breed?

Read the FAQ.

Horses have their last “breeding active year” when they’re 15. Which means that once studs turn 16, they retire, and once mares turn 15, they retire (because a stud’s “breeding” is done immediately, but a mare’s lasts an entire year).

Thanks Shanthi,

Sorry, I looked a bit and didn’t see it in the FAQ, but I’ll go look again since it is there. :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s in the Newbie Guide, first question.

Ahh, there it is, lol. I forget about the newbie guide sometimes, thanks alot. :smiley: Time to look over that guide again.

I may eventually set this up so that a horse’s retire age will be randomly determined at birth, and once s/he reaches that age, they will retire. (This would probably be something like a random # between age 10-20).

However, I haven’t decided if/how I want to do this.