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I wasn’t sure where the best place to put this was but …

I’m considering leasing my mare Ricochet for her 2013 foal but I have NO idea what an appropriate fee would be. Her race record isn’t spectacular, but her bloodlines are nice. Input from anyone would be great! Thanks :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in leasing here.  How does $3500 sound.  not to be insulting i just don’t know how leasing a broodmare would work

I’m not very good at pricing either, however I would keep her racing. You already raced her this year and she has proven she’s not done yet with that 3rd placing.

I’m retiring her to brood because I don’t want to spend the money to ship her back from Australia, but I don’t want her over there the whole year because she never can be shipped home to regain natural energy. So I’d rather just breed her since her bloodlines are nice.

Eat Our Dust, thanks for the offer, but I was thinking at LEAST 30k-40k. If I couldn’t get that much I would rather just breed her myself and keep the baby. (I could be totally off base in what I’m expecting which is why I’m asking)

If anyone else has any input I would appreciate it.

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I’ll lease her from you on a racing lease and bring her back to the US… I think she is just starting to mature for SC and she needs 7.5f to 10f for chasing… the race she’s entered in is too long for her…

PM me and we can talk if you are interested in my offer…

I don’t know what other people have leased mares for, but I’ve been pricing mine pretty low.  For example, I leased out a MSW/multi-millionaire, silver-ranked broodmare for 50k.

My rule of thumb for leasing is to take some sort of monetary value (race earnings, average foal earnings, whatever makes sense) and then take 10% of that.  I figure any mare is likely to have around/at least 10 foals, so 10% is a good number.  If that number is insanely high (like for the multi-millionaire) I just ballpark a number…I go on the assumption that a “good quality” foal should cost around 100k, if you don’t own the mare…so 50k for the mare, 50k for the stud fee/taxes/etc.  Obviously if I really wanted to keep the mare, or she were extremely amazinglysuperawesome (100% multi-millinoaire foals or something), I’d probably charge a higher lease fee, but 50k is about my maximum, generally speaking.  And my barn’s about 50% platinum mares, 25% gold/silver mares, and 25% bronze/unranked mares who kicked butt on the track. :wink:

Again, I don’t know how that compares to other people leasing, but that’s my guideline for how I price my leases.

When a lease comes to an end, does the horse automatically ship back to the owner’s farm or does it stay where it is at?

The lease on this mare ends 2/29.

Just curious as to where she ends up on March 1st.

Well, Shanthi, a silver ranked broodmare is probably worth less to you than to a lot of other people :wink:.

However, I have to agree with her that $30-$40k is probably too much for a mare who hasn’t done much on the track.  She’s not BAD necessarily, but she’s not a top-tier racer (at least not yet).  She’s got nice bloodlines, but FF horses typically throw foals who are similar in quality to them (there are slim chances for much better/much worse).  So she’s quite a risk as a broodmare right now.  I’d probably pay maybe $10k for her if I was in the market for untried broodmares.  There are enough cheap foals in the weanling/yearling auctions from mares that are at least as good as yours, so the foal wouldn’t be any sort of sales investment, but rather solely a racing one.  In addition to the mare lease/stud fee costs, stables have to factor in taxes, nominations, etc in the total “cost” of the foal.

My advice, either pay the money to ship the mare home, rest her for a month or two and then ship her to England to run over the summer OR take Dawn or someone else up on their offer to lease her for 6-9 months and pay the cost themselves.  In that case, be prepared to take less for the racing lease than you might get if she were in the states, because the leaser is automatically investing several thousand to get the mare home.  I suppose you could always ask one of the Aussie stables to lease her for 3 months or whatever so she could rest in Australia, too.

I freely admit that I don’t really “value” my silver ranked mares much unless they’re young/relatively unproven, have really awesome/rare bloodlines, or sentimental value.

That said, I don’t think a silver ranked mare should lease for more than 15-20k, unless she was super awesome on the track, is young/unproven (i.e. 1 MSW foal and a winning 3yo/unraced 2yo or something), or has really awesome/rare bloodlines.

For mares with breeding rankings, I’d probably start with 1/2 of the stud fee for that range as a baseline.  So the suggested stud fee for silver ranked studs is 30-50k, which means I’d look at 15-25k as a baseline for pricing silver ranked mares.  (Add or subtract to that as necessary based on age/bloodlines/produce record/race record)  Unranked/bronze/newly retired studs the fee range is 0-30k, so I’d consider 5-15k a decent range for those types of mares (again, adjusted for race record/bloodlines/etc).  Same logic applies for gold/platinum ranked mares.

Selling broodmares is an entirely different prospect.  But, as Andrea said, foals sell pretty cheap, and you have to factor in the additional costs to get the foal raised and to the racetrack before they can earn you back any money.  (Plus shipping costs to breed the mare, etc.)  In reality, it’s way cheaper to just buy a yearling in December and race it 5 months later.  IMO, leasing is mainly to improve your breeding stock, so the main reason you’d want to lease Mare A is because of her performance and bloodlines.

Your mare’s got an “enh” race record and decent bloodlines, hence the logic of “take 5-15k and maybe add 5k for the bloodlines”, so if she were mine, I’d lease her somewhere in the range of 10-20k, probably more on the 10k end since she stunk as a 2yo and didn’t burn up the track as a 3yo much, either.  (As Andrea noted, race record is generally more telling than bloodlines, since no matter how nice the family is, if she can’t run worth crap, her babies probably won’t either, since they’d be more closely related to her than her fabulous connections.)

Oh, I admit I don’t value Silver mares as much as some other people do, it’s just I have fewer Platinum/Gold mares so I can’t afford to get rid of all my Silvers :wink:.  I’m working on it though!  Slowly rebuilding from those couple years of neglect…

On leasing her, where will she be on March 1st when her current lease ends? Australia or her owner’s farm in Aqueduct?

That would be a deciding factor on if I would like to maybe lease her.  Horses I have leased just magically disappeared at the lease end and since the only horse I have leased, is still under lease, I don’t know how they gets home.  Is the owner automatically charged for the horse to come back to the farm. 

I looked in the Announcement section when the Leasing Topic was posted and saw no reference to shipping home.  Don’t know if it is posted somewhere else.

Horses do not magically move when they are leased.  The only time horses magically move is when you retire them, then they go to the farm.

Thanks for the replies. Her race record definitely could be better. Although I think the fact that she’s been in Australia since the whole paying for shipping came into factor has something to do with her less then spectacular race record. Anyways this was helpful  :smiley: