Breeding issues

I am having a problem with one of my Stallions, I’m a Fool View Horse: I'm No Fool

He is showing that both of his April 1 slots have been bred, however, one of them has a blank for the name of the mare.

In addition, I tried to breed one of our mares, Chunky’s Dream View Horse: Chunky's Dream to I’m no Fool for April 30th, however, when I hit “Breed this Foal”, all that happens is that the screen refreshes and nothing else happens. The mare is not showing up as bred, nor is the breeding showing up as completed for the stallion.

Shanthi - Just wanted to refresh your memory about this issue. It is still “alive”. I still can’t breed Chunky’s Dream and the mare I had wanted to put in I’m No Fool’s April 1B slot is ready to be bred (I Can Only Imagine was correctly bred to him, so that slot is okay).


I was checking on which foals that are expected for 2026 that were sired by one of our boys have been born so far and noticed an anomally with Fool To Be Smokin’.

He is showing as having two foals, both born this year, out of the same mare, Gingham
Ginger Fool View Horse: Ginger Fool (born on Jan 11th) and
Smokin’ Ginger View Horse: Smokin' Ginger (born on Jan 24th).

Gingham and both of the foals are owned by Tall Oaks Estate.

Shanthi - I’m sure you’re really busy but wanted to find out if you’ve had a chance to look into these three issues yet?

Heya @Shanthi – My mare Texas Cowgirl was due April 5 with a foal by LiveLong&Prosper. As of this morning, she’s dead. Is there any possibility of rescuing the foal?

I think this was the same issue. There was a foal in the database with that cross (I’m No Fool x Chunky’s Dream) but somehow the due date didn’t get assigned to CD, just INF.

Thanks, I deleted the second foal (Smokin’ Ginger). fyi @Nicole11

Unfortunately not. The death code for mares does check if the foal can be born prematurely, but I think it can only do a month or so, rather than 2+ months in this case.

I seem to have a problem breeding my mare Church is a Stage horse=29720

Church is a Stage has an approved booking to I’m No Fool for March 20th, 2026 (Fee: $25,000)

She can be bred between March 29th, 2026 and August 31st, 2026

But I can only “view hypothetical mating” or cancel the booking.

Hi Hilda,

Church is a Stage has a Mar 2 slot to I’m No Fool which runs from Mar 11th to 20th. Mar 29th would be a Mar 3 slot.

I had a Mar 3 slot reserved for one of my mares that hasn’t been retired yet so I have switched them around.

You should be able to breed her now.



Thank you, seems to work now!

Hi Shanthi,

One for the weird files - Burning Star shows she’s not in foal yet when you click on “Breed This Mare” she shows she’s in foal to Authentic

So she’s showing on the stable alerts for breeding but obviously can’t be bred as she is in foal. :face_with_monocle:

Ta Andy

Hi Shanthi,
I tried using the “Contact Shanthi” link the other day but don’t know if you ever saw my post.
I purchased If Angels Sang View Horse: If Angels Sang from the Kismet Auction and wanted to breed her to Phenomenal for an Apr 2 slot.
When I tried to select the Stallion, I got a message that I needed approval to breed to him. I filled out the message box and clicked Request Breeding, however, she is showing up that she has ‘no pending or approved bookings’. I don’t know if this is a bug with the breeding request system or if I messed up.

Obviously, it is too late to use the April 2 slot but, if it is possible, could I please get a May 1 slot to him.



Also hoping to breed a mare to Phenomenal if possible @Shanthi. I have Bonnie Tottenham with a pending request for a June slot

Hey @Shanthi, looks like breeding issues continue to be sporadic and weird:

I leased Dazzled Measure from Kismet Thoroughbreds and bred her to High South. She shows as in-foal but is missing from his Arrange Bookings page. I was able to lease and breed Inkling without issue.

Quick update here: I know we’re almost at the end of breeding season, but I’m hoping to hook up breeding into the Beta app, and then I can retroactively fix any/all breeding issues from this season. (Fingers crossed)

So don’t worry if your mare was meant to be bred back in April :slight_smile: