Breeders' Stakes Series (2009 and onward)

[Just to recap from the hugely long/confusing thread about the Real-Time schedule]

Breeders’ Series Races:
2yo: Rainbow Quest, Planet Hollywood, Highland Bandit
2yo F: Demand To Know, Brandywine, Seeing Starz
3yo: Cross Roads, What’s It Worth, Spectacular Bid
3yo F: Pardon Me Mister, Evening Flame, Hollywood Queen
4yo+: Crimson Lad, Lonesome Glory, The Black
4yo+ F/M: Lymerick, Ifyoucouldseemenow, Miss Hayday

2yo: Lucky Cigar, Seabiscuit, Man O’War
2yo F: Dark Magic, With Approval, Eternal Hope
3yo: Secretariat, Bold Ruler, Cigar
3yo F: Amazon Princess, Nation’s Pride, Highland Sorceress
4yo+: Valid Wager, A.P. Indy, Omaha
4yo+ F/M: Fire de Flame, That’s Debatable, Highland Raven
3yo+: Moonover Boy, Highland Rogue, Townsend Prince
3yo+ F: Townsend Holly, Backstage Pass, Dream Skipper

The point isn’t really to get a horse to sweep any of these 14 triples, that’s just a fringe benefit. The point is to breed a very nice crop of horses and get them to earn enough points to win as a breeder rather than an owner, since the more foals you sell the greater chance you have, since one stable can only enter 2 horses in any given race.
–Breeders can/will nominate themselves as a breeding stable to however many (or all) of the 14 triples in the series that they like.
–Any horses bred by that stable would then be eligible to run in the Breeders’ Series for that year only.
–Breeders would have to pay for however many foal ages they want to nominate themselves to…so if they want to skip the 2yo series’, then they’d have to pay for all their non-2yo age foals that they bred. Nomination would likely be done in Jan or so, before any of the racing quality of the horses (at least for that year) is really known.

Qualification will be based on graded stakes earnings in the distance that matches the race that the horse is entering…so for the 3yo 6f dirt race, it’ll be graded stakes earnings at 5-7 furlongs on dirt…for the 3yo 11f turf race, it’ll be graded stakes earnings at 10-12 furlongs on turf. I imagine this will probably work as a %…so the horse will need to be in the top 5% or 10% or something for graded stakes earnings to match the distance/surface.

Stables will be able to enter up to 2 horses, as usual, in any race that they qualify for (both with earnings and breeding stable nomination).

So as long as a stable has a horse that qualifies, they can enter, regardless of what other horses you’ve run so far in the series.

Nomination fees would tentatively be:
$10,000 per 10 foals to any one triple (so for 10 foals, it would cost you $140,000 to nominate them to all the races…20 foals would be $280,000, and so on). You may choose to only nominate foals to certain triples, but if you do any nominations you must nominate all foals from that year’s crop (so no paying to nominate only your 10 best-looking foals). Fees will be rounded up (so if you have 22 foals, you will pay as if you had 30, and so on).

Nominations are for the current year only. You are nominating the foal crop for that year, not the horse for its lifetime. (So in 2009 you’d pay to nominate your 2006 crop for 3yo races, and in 2010 you’d pay again to nominate them for 4yo+ races, assuming they were worth the nomination fees).

Race purses will probably be ~$300,000 per race…nothing huge, but decent enough, especially if you win all of them.

For any breeder that breeds any one horse who sweeps any one triple, they will get a supplemental bonus of $500,000 (per horse, of course, so if you happen to breed 14 horses who somehow sweep all 14 triples…well, you’ll be sitting pretty :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:).

For whichever stable breeds the horses that win the most points to win the Breeders’ Series, there will be a supplemental bonus of $1,000,000.

Shanthi, maybe it’s because

I sometimes play a blond on television, but could you explain this to me in small words and

LARGE gestures?

I guess my question is, can I enter one of my horses into one of these

breeder races, or do I have to wait until someone taps me on the shoulder? The mare I have

in mind is a nice allowance pony, and we’re thinking about throwing her at a couple stakes

just to see how much she falls apart, and one of these Breeder races was on our list (not a

wise move, but eh…)

So, what’s the deal, my dear? Or should I shut myself up and go

read the FAQ like a good little confused girl?

Notice the “2009 and onward”

bit. :wink: For 2008, they’re just free-for-all goodies. Starting next November, though,

you’ll have to have horses nominated by the breeder.

(Which, I suppose, means that I need

to set up nomination stuff now…sigh…)

So it will kinda be the same

process as Breeders’ Cup with who can enter? But with this the Breeder has to pay the

nomination or you can’t race your horse right?

Yes, it’ll be like the BC

races with the added complication of the foal’s breeder has to suplement it.


what about FF bred foals? Are we going to just arbitrarily say that FF horses are never or

always are nominated? (I’d vote for never, just b/c FF has a rather unfair advantage based

on sheer number of foals…)

Yeah, I think FF babies would

never be nominated. Which kinda sucks if you buy a FF foal, but it’s not like you need the

race purses that much.

And pretty much Nominated

foals will be more sought after and worth more money. Sort of like the incentive fund in the

quarter horse world, right?

That is a fablous idea! so it

will not start with this years yearling but next year the weanlings now will have to be


You don’t nominate the

horse. You nominate the foal crop (and the nomination is only good for the one year). But

yes, presumably a foal crop that is nominated will be worth more.

So in late

December/January (assuming I get a chance to set this up), you will choose to nominate your

foal crops: 2007 and earlier (likely 2004 unless we have some very old racers running

around). Obviously this nomination will be somewhat “sight unseen” as far as the horses go,

since who knows what they will like in 2009, or how they will improve (or not :stuck_out_tongue:)…and, of

course, 2yos are always a gamble.

At the end of the year, whatever horses who were

nominated by their breeder would be eligible to run in the Breeders’ Stakes.

I really don’t understand

this thing hey… Perhaps it is more simple than what I’m thinking.

So if I’m right, we

nominate our babies, sell the babies, the new owner races them in the series, the stable that

ends up with the most points wins the series.

So, if you want to win the Breeder side of

things, you simply have to have a bunch of nice horses to win points, not nessecarily have

horses the win every race, be it the same horse or three different ones.

The stable that

breeds horses that win the most points wins the series. The

only thing you get as an owner of a series race (or triple)

winner is the purse money.

But yes, the “steps” would be:

  1. Breed a bunch of babies

Nominate them for the current year’s B.S.
3. Sell any/all that you like to (the more you

sell, the more can be entered in the race)
4. Hope they win a lot of races :wink:
5. For every

horse bred by the stable that wins a triple, the breeding stable gets $500,000

Whichever stable breeds the horses that earn the most points in the B.S. races gets

$1,000,000 (this would be split amongst stables if multiple stables had the same number

of points won)
7. Repeat next year :wink:

Ah… Much clearer now. This

should be lots of fun… :wink: Time to breed mass-breed! MUWAHAHA! :wacko:

Thanks Shanthi!

Think you have the "mass

breed" down Jase :wink:.

True… It’s so much fun!


I have a question about the Breeder’s Series. The way I read it is a breeder nominates their stallions crop for the year?? The example I have is this one. Andrea of Storybook is the owner of Cross Roads. If she wants his 3 year old from 2007 to run this year, she nominates the crop. When I look at the nominees for this years series, I see a number of Cross Roads 3 year olds on the list. What I have noticed is that my boy, Back Roads, who is a Cross Roads 3 year old isn’t on the list. Is this a glich in the system, or am I missing something that is probably very obvious?? ??? 

The Breeders’ Series is done by breeder, not by stallion.  So if Storybook Farms wants to nominate all the 3yo foals they bred to run in the dirt series, they pay to do that.  If they don’t, those 3yos are not eligible to run in the dirt series.

Back Roads’ breeder is not in the game anymore, and thus wasn’t nominated for the Breeders’ Series races.

Thanks for that Shanthi, I THINK ??? I understand it now.

Points, as in, the traditional way FF distributes points in a stakes race to horses?


Is there a special 1st-3rd distribution of points? I.E, 1st is 3 points, 2nd is 2 points and 3rd is 1 point?

Also, is FF is kicked out of the rankings since it has an unfair advantage, or is it treated as another breeder?

Thanks, I was thinking about starting a thread with updated breeders positions which is why I would need to know. :wink:


Yes, FF-bred horses are not technically nominated (horses it owns are just able to bypass the restriction to fill the race), so FF cannot win the series with any horse.

If any FF horse ends up earning points, their position is basically ignored. So if a FF-owned horse wins 1st, and a player-owned/valid horse wins 2nd, the horse in 2nd gets treated point-wise as if he won. (For the purpose of deciding who wins the series, anyway.)

That would be great, thanks. :slight_smile:

Oh okay! I need to do some tweeking then. 
Hypothetical race…

1st - FF
2nd - X
3rd - Y
4th - FF
5th - Z
6th - W

X would get 42 points - Y would get 21 points and Z would get 10 points and W would get 7 points?