Breeders Stakes Qualifier List Not Updating

Not sure if it a bug or not but I don’t think the Breeder’s Stake qualifier list is updating. I have a few that are nominated but I’m not sure if they are eligible to enter based on the standings ( my first year participating in this series). Their current race records don’t match whats showing on the list.

Seems like I also have this problem, and my horses should be nominated but aren’t. For example, Eerschay is on my list of horses that should be nominated, and she won two Grade 1 this year. But her Nominations page only shows her Breeders’ Cup nomination.
Another horse that should be nominated is Phyfe. He has four wins this year but no stakes, and his Nominations page shows “No nominations found.”.

I’ve cleared out the nominations list and re-run it, and the list has updated. Not sure if that updates your horses’ standings?

It looks like your homebred horses aren’t nominated for this year’s Breeders Series. (I can’t find a nomination entry or budget entries for your stable.)

thank you for updating the list Shanthi !! It’s greatly appreciated!

Do auto entries for qualified horses not work? I’ve been busy with school and didn’t have a chance to check yesterday, but a filly, Arisad, that was 20th on the list (and therefore had to wait until the last minute) didn’t get entered for tomorrow. There are only 6 horses in the race right now anyway.

I’m guessing auto entries don’t work for the BS, just like auto entries don’t work for the BC since both are nomination/qualifier-required.

That’s correct.