Breeder's Series Qualifier List

I dunno how this list works but I have gelding Romancier that is listed as #18 in the SC list

It says he has 9 Allowance wins, but in his lifetime he only has 5 wins total

Is this an error or am I getting the list wrong?

It’s an error, will be fixed in the rewrite.

Shanthi - If you have a horse that is ranked 15-20 for a BS race but it is obvious that some of the higher rank horses won’t be running, do you still have to wait until the Monday or Thursday before the race to enter them, or can you enter them now?

For example:-
In the qualifiers list for the 4yo+ Mares Turf, we have [color=red]Play My Game (ranked 15th) and [color=red]Finally (17th). Stillwater has five horses qualified that are ranked higher than both of them. As you pointed out in a different thread, a Stable can only run two horses in a BS race so at least three of the Stillwater horses will definitely not be running (correct???). In effect, this makes my two horses 12th & 14th.
Can I enter them now or do I have to wait until the Thursday before the race to enter them?

BTW - While I can enter Play My Game in the Fire de Flame Breeders’ Stakes (race 47 on Dec 1st), I don’t appear to be able to enter Finally.

Yes. Except, of course, I could decide to sell my ponies to other stables so they could run. :wink: But I won’t. (Just saying, you can’t guarantee a horse won’t run until they definitively don’t enter.)

Report it as a bug.

Done - I noticed that Holly (Cirque du Soleil) has reported it as a bug for one of her horses too.

In that case it’s a redundant to report a second bug. :wink:

Yeah, sorry about that.

I thought about that after I submitted it.