Breeder's Series Nominations

We are approaching the end of the time for BS Nominations for this year and I wanted to check that all Starfish horses that could be Nominated were.

On Jan 2nd, I paid to have horses Nominated for the 2YO Dirt and 2YO Turf races (these were the only groups that were open to me then) but the BS Nominations list only shows that I have 8 horses nominated for each of them. I currently have 13 2YO’s in my name and 4 that were recently sold (the 4 sold horses are all included in the list of nominees).

I recall that the Stallion has to be Nominated but can’t see where to do it and can’t see where to Nominate them, nor do I see where to Nominate more 2YO’s for the BS races.

I’ve looked in the FAQ and Forum. Can somebody please point me in the right direction or remind me of the conditions for Nominating Horses to the BS.

Lewis, it is a Breeders Series. You have 8 foals born in 2013 that you bred. The fact that you own 13 total is irrelevant…their breeders would have to nominate them for 2015.

Stallions are only nominated for the Breeders’ Cup, which is an annual nomination for the stallion but a lifetime nomination for the foal (if done as a weanling). The Breeders’ Series is an annual nomination by a stable for the horses it bred that are actively racing.  This thread has lots of details about the Breeders’ Series.

Thanks Shanthi. I was sure that it was something I’d forgotten.