Breeders Series Nominations

Description of Issue

It appears my ponies are all already nominated for the Breeders’ Series, even though I haven’t clicked the buttons. Looking back, I’m thinking this was an issue this past year as well. Admittedly, I didn’t race enough to get anyone really qualified, but there definitely should’ve been some horses nominated.

Steps to Reproduce

Basically…this page is the issue. Every category shows “Already Nominated”, and I definitely haven’t clicked the buttons.

Since the nominations for the horses aren’t showing at all right now (for BC or BS) it’s hard to tell who’s nominated for what at the moment.

Thank you!

Since Breeders’ Series nominations close at the end of January, are all horses just going to be nominated for this year? All of mine still show “Already Nominated” but I know I haven’t paid yet.

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I was wondering the same.