Breeders' Series - Leaderboard Not Showing

Well now that the Breeders’ Cup excitement is over, we have the Breeders’ Series to look forward to!

@Shanthi When can we expect the leaderboards to update? Thank you!!


Shanthi - Just to remind you that today is the first day that we can enter horses for the Breeders’ Series races but the lists of Qualified horses have not been set up.

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Well, turns out this is because no breeders nominated themselves this year. :wink: At least not according to the budget entries.

I’ve gone ahead and retroactively nominated all breeders and the list has qualifiers now.


Thanks Shanthi! I’m wondering if this was a bug we never fixed, and perhaps the BS nomination site is reflecting last year because the page says all my crops are nominated.

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Yeah same! Mine have already been nominated.

THANKS SHANTHI!! :heart::heart:

My page also shows that all crops are nominated.

I am more concerned that none of my yearlings are not nominated for breeders cup!! I am positive i nominate them not long after being born, but now none are nominated.

my page shows that all mine are too, but im not showing any of mine eligible on the lists, and ive had a few msws

Just a reminder to everybody planning on entering horses in these races that if a horse is FF-bred then it is not qualified for these races. Don’t assume that because a horse you own is in the lists of Qualifiers, it is eligible to run.

I have a horse, Ch. Elated Doll, who is ranked 8th in the 4yo+ Dirt series, however, when I tried to enter him in the first leg of that series, he doesn’t show up as being eligible. When I checked back through Forum posts, I saw one from way-back-when that stated that FF-bred horses are not eligible.

This post is particularly (but not exclusively) for any recent joiners (the last year or two) who might see that they have a horse in one of the lists but, when they try to enter it in one of the BS races, can’t understand why it isn’t showing up as eligible. Unfortunately, because these races only take place in the last 6 weeks of the year, even 17-year veterans like myself need reminders about the eligibility rules.


I was wondering this exact scenario since one of my created / activity points redeemed horses is indeed qualified. Thank you for the heads up!