Breeder's Series 2012

With this years Breeder’s series starting on the 22nd, I noticed that the qualifying lists aren’t showing any qualified horses. I know you have been super busy Shanthi, but will this be fixed shortly??



Thank you ;D

The numbers seem a bit off, my horse Lahar is listed with 3 stakes wins and only has 1 this year; Clockstopper is listed as having 18 stakes wins and “only” has six (still a feat but not quite the same as 18 :wink: )  All horses seem to be affected with extra stakes wins like this so if its still putting the right horses up then there isn’t a problem just an FYI :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness, my horse [color=blue]Leave A Note is #9 on the list for “4+ Dirt”! But…he’s only won two stakes this year. I’m confused. Can someone explain this to me?

The Breeder’s Series is as exclusive as a series can get.  Only breeders of foals can nominate their homebreds, so that leaves out a lot of horses.  Its sort of a way for breeder’s to compete against each other and is a bonus way to market foals they are selling since the series is so exclusive (although often the top horses that are winning all year have decent breeding and hteir breeder nominated them for the breeder’s series)  Plus the winning breeder (the most homebreds that win/place in the series) gets a prize.