Breeders Cup Scratches

Hi Shanthi
Can you please scratch horses that aren’t on the qual list? It’s blatent disregard for the rules and I think stables should be penalised without refund.
Nominations and rankings were introduced to make the game closer to reality so the rules should be followed by everyone otherwise there isn’t a point to them at all.
One example is (and sorry to single out) Londesborough Boy in the Breeders’ Cup Classic owned by Starfish.

Don’t worry, Jason, I do this every year.

This year’s scratches:
Juvenile Fillies
Classic Red Line

Filly & Mare Turf
Kissing Point

Shiloh’s Hill
Moony’s Fancy

Londesborough Boy

Juvenile Turf
Bold Reality

Filly & Mare Sprint
Lupe Valez

Juvenile Fillies Turf
Sand Dune

Turf Sprint
Worthy Victor

In the rewrite I’ll add in code to prevent this situation. All of the owners of these scratches have played in previous BC years, though, and should know how it works.


I agree rules are rules, but ive wasted 280k on bold reality in juv race. Surely if you pay the entrance fee and the race isnt full then should be able to run?? If not then we shouldnt have the option of nominating or entering for a race we cant run in


As I said, in the rewrite it will be changed so that you can’t enter BC races if your horse isn’t in the right qualifying list.

And as for “if the race is empty why not enter”, that’s an option for every race (including Kentucky Derby, etc)…except the Breeders’ Cup. :stuck_out_tongue: Those races are meant to be the elite of the elite, so therefore qualifying lists are in place.

Just to add on - in the spirit of fairness, why should you get to enter your extra horse on the last day because the race isn’t empty, as opposed to me or Jason or someone else entering ours? That’s the entire point of the qualifying list, so that you know what horses you own are eligible to enter, and you know who the competition will be.

Shanthi - I don’t often disagree with you but this time I have to.

If you remember the discussion we had yesterday, I was under the impression that once it was the last day for entries, if there were spaces in any of the races, then they were open to any horses that were BC nominated. Unfortunately, by the time you replied to clear up my misunderstanding, I had gone out and didn’t get back in time to withdraw them.

In addition, in your reply, you said that the code shouldn’t have allowed horses not in the top 20 to be entered, but the fact remains that it did allow them to be entered yesterday and wouldn’t allow them to be entered before that. You said that you check every year and scratch horses that aren’t qualified but surely the code should have been changed to do that or you should have re-posted the rules for entering at the same time you updated the Qualifications Lists.

Yes, I have been in several BC campaigns before, and should have remembered the rule, but didn’t. It is one thing if these races are on a regular basis, however, when they are once a year (twice if you include the Breeders’ Series), it is hard to remember from one year to another.

Jason - far from this being a ‘blatant disregard for the rules’, this was (in my case anyway) a misunderstanding of the rules. I would think that you should know me well enough to know that I would not do anything to break the rules of this game.

BTW - Sand Dune should not have been scratched from the Juvenile Fillies Turf. At the time she was entered in the race, she was tied for 14th place with a number of other horses who had the same number of points (in fact, I think it was something like 12th).

To clear up one thing, I agree that the horse that the horses should be scratched but don’t agree that their entry fee should not be refunded. It was an honest mistake.

I don’t mind refunding the entry fees, but haven’t had time to do it. If you can give me a total amount you paid for those horses (via PM) I can set it up.

If you send me the entry options for Sand Dune (jockey/equipment choice) I can re-enter her.

As for “the code should have been rewritten” - yes. However, I’ve got very limited time, so I’m prioritising things like major/frequent bugs and the code rewrite, not spending days working on an issue that occurs for one race day out of the year. As I said above, the rewrite will:

  • put a freeze on the qualification list once entries open, so that it doesn’t change when you are able to enter horses
  • prevent you from supplementing your horses to the BC once entries are open, so you don’t waste your money
  • prevent you from entering horses not on the frozen qualifying list until the appropriate time

I’m sorry, but blaming the fact that a stable can enter their horse in a BC race just because they are able to when there is a whole other page in place to show qualifiers and alternates, is like saying you have the right to compete in the olympics because it has spots still available. You may be nominated and able to afford it but that doesn’t mean you made it through the trials. Don’t get me wrong guys, I love ya, but why else would there be a BC qualifying page?

I wish now that I had kept a record of it, but I promise you that I did my homework to make sure that my entries were valid.

I am leasing Kissing Point, and I only entered her because she was on the list at the time, I’m fairly positive.  I only entered if the horse was on the top 14 that would actually run (if they were #15, by making sure one of the other qualified horses was entered in another race instead, etc.)

Still, I could have made a mistake somehow.  I accept any decision you make on the matter.

I remember seeing her on the list at one point - send me a PM with her entry info.

I don’t get the argument - very few other stables netted multiple horses that didn’t qualify. Obviously every knows its a glitch and just went with what they know (and to be honest is very clear in what Shanthi stated in the other thread) are the rules every year…

By the time Shanthi pointed that out, I had already entered the horses in the races and, as I said earlier, I was out and by the time I saw her reply last night, it was too late to do anything about them. I was going to check with her when I got up this morning to find out what to do about them but by then she had scratched them.

The only thing I’m going to say is that we all take advantage of quirks in the code. If the game lets you do it then someone’s done it, and it is very seldom that people get in trouble for taking advantage of these loopholes.