Breeders' Cup Races: Supplemental Nomination?

Should FF allow late and/or supplemental nominations to the Breeders’ Cup races?

  • Late
  • Supplemental
  • Both
  • Neither

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OK, so the real life Breeders’ Cup Fund allows both late nominations to the Breeders’ Cup and supplemental nominations for a single Breeders’ Cup race.

According to the Breeders’ Cup Website:

Now, in all honesty, this makes no sense.  If you’re aiming your horse for a 1mil BC race at the end of its career, it makes sense to just pay the 9% supplemental fee.  But otherwise, it just makes sense to pay a late nomination fee.

So, for FF purposes, the following will apply (if either/both of these options are chosen):
Fees will be the same as the real life ones.  However, Late Nomination will allow the horse to enter any BC race in future years and act as a lifetime nomination (so if you pay a late nom. fee when a horse is 2, he can’t run in the BC Juve, just the BC races when he’s 3+).  Supplemental Nomination will apply for the current year and will apply for only one race.  (So that would allow the 2yo to run in the BC Juve, but not in any BC races when he’s 3)

You will be allowed to do both, if you want said 2yo to run in the BC Juve and be able to run in the BC Classic as a 4yo or something.

Note: I may be able to set this up to work for 2010 BC races, but I make no promises.  Please bear this in mind.

Questions/comments, post below.  :slight_smile:

Love this idea, have been wanting to suggest it for awhile now but didn’t want to add even more coding for you to do.  :stuck_out_tongue:

    The thinking here is that if you have a 2 yr old and don’t have him nominated for the “Cup” you could pay him into the 2 yr old race for 9% of the purse (about $90,000). You could then do that for each year he races and for each race he enters. That could end up being a lot of money if the horse becomes a great older horse. If he races in one B.C. race ages 2 thru 6 that’s $360,000 to enter all the races vs a one time fee as a 2 yr old of $250,000… but then the way some of the people enter horses around here and through money away…lol
    My suggestion would be that it becomes an added money event. If they pay the yearly fee of 9% it gets added to the total purse for each race they supplement to…(Some like to keep there options open!!!) If they pay the one time fee ($150,000 or $250,000) then divide it over all the B.C. races for that year only… Just the rambling thoughts of an age crazed lunatic!!!


Added money would be cool, but that would involve a lot more code, so it’s not likely to happen.  Sorry.

So basically you’re only changing the lifetime nomination such that you can’t nominate for that year and the supplemental nomination stays the same?

Seems reasonable to me I guess, though I’m not sure of the logic exactly behind not allowing you to late nominate a 2yo up to some point in time and then close them.  So say you can do late nomination through June (1/2 way through year) and then you’ve got access to that year’s races.  Any later than June though and you’d have to pay the supplemental as well to get in for that year.

It still won’t be overly helpful for 2yos since they have to be particularly impressive to stand out in one race, but it’ll help some with 3yos who maybe blossomed late.

I love this idea ;D

It would be awesome! Love the idea!

Is this going to happen? If so, is it too late for this year or will we have to wait until next year? :wink:

No, I haven’t had time to generate the code for this to happen…it will be a feature for 2011, though.  :slight_smile:

Ok No problems. Just wanted to know :smiley:

:'( Oh well

Just wondering Shanthi, if this is going to be available for the 2011 BC races? No pressure, you do amazing things with this game anyway, just curious. :slight_smile:

All done, enjoy. :slight_smile:

Yay! Thanks so much!

I think the code may possibly be checking horses for nomination status based on their name instead of ID# because I have found several horses that are on the list for a supplemental nomination that I am positive I nominated for the BC. Every year I nominate my whole crop and while missing a few is possible I can point to a few who are listed on my budget page as nominated as weanlings under a different name. (sorry Shanthi, makes things complicated but I sometimes change names frequently until I FINALLY settle on one).

Anyway, a few examples are where I can remember their former names are:

Devil In Devon was nominated as “Nature’s Trademark”
Devil’s Legacy was nominated as “Phil’s Forecast”
Easy Memories was nominated as “Ultimate Gift”
Secret of the Wild was nominated as “Ruling Wild”
Worth Her Oats was nominated as either “Miss U. Allott” or “Itty Bitty” (you can see why I changed the name either way lol :wink: ) but since I don’t remember which AND I already paid her supplemental fee before realizing there might be a problem I’m fine with eating this one :frowning:

…there’s a few more but you get the picture. One thing that is wierd is that certain horses were nominated under one name, but still retain the the nomination under a new name for one nomination but not another…

For example my colt Lahar was nominated for 2012 DWC under the name Promises Made. That nomination shows up on “Lahar’s” page. Said colt was also, according to my budget, nominated for the 2013 Santa Anita H. under Promises Made name but does not have that nomination listed on “Lahar’s” nomination page.

Anyway, just noticed this bug and thought that if it was affecting me might be getting some other people, anybody else noticed the same thing???

When you nominate a horse, it stores it in the database by their ID number, which never changes.  However, somehow at the beginning of the year all the BC nominations got wiped out from the database, so I had to restore them based on budget entries, which only store the horse’s name.  So yes, if you changed your horse’s name, it wouldn’t have been able to match it to an ID to give you credit for the nomination again.