Bred Mares On Not In Foal List


I just noticed that I Dash U Cash, who is already bred and lists it as such on her page is showing up on my Not In Foal list on my main stable page. There may be more but I have too many mares to confirm :crazy_face:

Edit: I checked and my list says have have 128 unbred mares while my notebook has 125 unbred mares. So besides I Dash U Cash, I found Maeve is bred but also on the Not In Foal List. They were both bred 3/21, but the other mares from that day aren’t on the list. So not finding a pattern. And there are two more that are there somewhere.

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I’ve got three affected by the same issue (ignore In The Long Run as she’s not in foal)

I have one mare with the same issue, Reine De La Nuit.

I just bred Strut, and her page and the not in foal list on my main stable page are both showing her as not in foal. When I got to the Breed This Mare section of her page, it lists her as in foal.

I’ve just debugged this for one of my mares, and it turned out that the breeding record existed but the actual foal did not. I think I’ve updated the affected mares, but you’ll need to re-breed the foals.

I rebred her and it seems to be working now. Thanks Shanthi!

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Sorry Shanthi, but I bred Filly from Chile and she appears as unbred on the stable overview page.

I have three mares that show up on the Stable Overview page as Not in Foal and on their individual pages as Not in Foal, too. However, when you go to breed them, they all show up as In Foal.

View Horse: Indy Saint - in foal to [Final Scene], and is due to foal around March 10th, 2026
View Horse: Lucky Train - in foal to [Hogwarts], and is due to foal around March 6th, 2026
View Horse: The Queen's Navy - in foal to [Final Scene], and is due to foal around March 5th, 2026

Shanthi - Are these three mares actually in foal or am I going to have to re-breed them?

If I will have to re-breed them, what bred-on dates will they show? The original dates or the re-bred dates? They are all past their planned breeding dates and will soon be out of the slots they were booked for. Indy Saint and Lucky Train were bred on April 16th, The Queen’s Navy was bred on April 18th.

I have a couple that are showing as Not bred on my stable overview but show they are actually in foal:

Tenebreux - in foal to Spirit in the Sky due 5/5/26
Rose Will Do - in foal to Space Chips due 4/1/26

I still need to investigate why this is happening (I thought I’d get a chance this past weekend, but fatigue got the better of me).

If possible, I will investigate, fix the bug, and re-breed the mares myself. If that’s not possible, I’ll have everyone pick a random breeding date that’s free (or not, but at least in the future) and backdate everything manually so the dates still work out.

Hi, another of my mares is having this problem: Cuddly Triangle, who is leased from Rainee TBs right now.

I have the same issue with Send Me Flowers View Horse: Send Me Flowers

I’m having the same issue with Painted War… her page is showing as in foal and due June 2nd but stable alerts show unbred

Just realized Filly from Chile appears as unbred on the stable page, but is in foal on her personal page.