Brand Spanking New



I just joined. I remember playing this game a LONG time ago and I just stumbled

across it a few days ago and decided to join. I’ve been playing a different game for awhile,

similar but not nearly as well run, so I’m excited to get started here.

Watch out for

my ponies hehe … well maybe in a few years. lol

~ mya

Good luck! Be sure to read

the FAQ and the newbie guide for lots of helpful hints. The mixed auction starts this coming

weekend, so potentially you could score a couple more runners for considerably cheap. Just

don’t overextend yourself!

What stable were you before,


ohhhhhhhhhhh I think it was

like Ivory Lane Acres or something, but the game was closed down shortly after I joined. I?m

glad you decided to open it again and I’m really glad I found it again. Thanks for running

such a nice game, they?re definitely few and far between. :slight_smile:

Ah, that must’ve been with

VR, then. So that was about 6 years ago, I guess.

Glad you liked it enough to come

back. :slight_smile: