bowed tendon

If your horse bows a tendon

in ff… how long do they need off from racing…

Correct me if I’m wrong

guys, but in real life, I believe it’s anywhere from 6 to 18 months… I’ll say Major’s

Flight bowed a tendon in June. He ran in December and didn’t do terribly well, but came back

to win a stakes in April of this year (the year following the injury)…
Hope that helps…

Take Me Away bowed a tendon

in January and won a sprint stakes in April. Granted, his next start out was very “enh” but

it was injury free.

Injuries seem to be a funny

thing… Different horses take longer than others to recover. My horse Bold Ebony bowed a

tendon on 2009-02-16 and then raced on 2009-03-05 and managed to run a wonderful second to

Magic Glory in a GII race. So yeah, he seemed right after only like 17 days off. Give them at

least 2-4 weeks before trying again I think…

Also, I could be wrong, but

I’m not sure… injury may or may not affect a horse’s performance in his next race. So

your horse might win a race if you run him with a bowed tendon, but until that tendon’s

healed he’s more at risk for an added injury. So Jase just wanted to try and break Bold

Ebony :wink:

Injury does affect future

races, if a horse is running while not fully healed. However, the main thing it does is

increase the chances of further injury. So Jase’s “luck” with BE just means that BE was

either talented enough to not care that 1 of his legs didn’t work, or just insanely lucky

that it didn’t affect him. Either way, he was insanely lucky that he didn’t lose

functionality in another leg. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky is good in this

game… :slight_smile: But yeah, it is just trial and error I think. Win some loose some. Hell, Perchance

To Dream never had a prior injury and I had been racing her not even that hard and she went

and actually broke a leg. Go figure… :wink:

So if i go with waiting like

6 months(i would in real life)tehn i should be okay to go or will the training thing say when

he’s feeling better…

Doubt you’ll need six

months. If your a bit hesitent to ruin one of your only racers, try running him in six weeks.

I assume he should be fin by then. :slight_smile: Good luck!

6 months is probably a bit

much, though 6 weeks might be a bit soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ronda, the training summary only lists the

date of the last start, not the current condition of the horse.

okay thanks… we’ll give

him a couple months off and see how he’s doin…