✅ Blank Page When Trying to Buy

Tried to buy a horse off the market just now and both times I clicked the “buy” button, it went to a blank page. (If you need a reference, the specific horse in question is Ferrari.)

Fixed (also I bought him on your behalf, hope that’s ok!).

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That works! Thank you!

Edit: It actually says he’s owned by Tall Oaks Estate. Lol.

Argh - grabbed the wrong stable when testing. Should be fixed now. (FYI @Nicole11 in case I missed updating anything with your stable and it looks wonky)


Haha. All good. For what it’s worth, we both have tree names for our stables. XD

I know! Too confusing after a long week :joy:

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I feel ya. Thank you for everything you do, Shanthi! You’re a star! ^-^