Black Storm West 2022 Foals

Finally our first foals of the year arrive, and of course neither were due for a few more days.

[color=blue]Frostmourne, 9.3hh dark gray colt
Frosted x Deadly Beauty - NCh. Devil May Care (S)
Nice big dark gray colt with not a speck of white on him; I’m quite excited for Frosted as a sire in FF. Second foal for his dam, who was bred on a lease.
*Shanthi - Let me know if his name needs changing. There’s already a Frostbite in the game.

[color=red]Sunstep, 9.2hh brown filly
ICh. Calle de Oro x Betterthansunshine - Created
This girl arrived a few days early. She’s half to SP [color=green]Ch. Better Be Gone. Her dam was bred on a lease and has returned to Blackhawk Ridge.
*Added: Just discovered Betterthansunshine died shortly after giving birth. This has been a very rough year for everyone.

[color=blue]1 Colt | [color=red]1 Filly | 0 Stillborn – 84 due

Love the names for these two! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I think Frostbite/Frostbitten is too close.

Lovely foals though. :slight_smile:

Thought so, not a problem! Inner nerd has renamed him Frostmourne.

Now I want to play WOW…

[color=blue]Crimson and Gold, 9.0hh bay colt
WCh. Strike It Rich (S) x Scarlet Seas (B) - Seabiscuit (S)
Bred on a lease, he is the 8th foal for his dam. Half to 2 winners from 6 runners, mostly FF-campaigned so hard to say how he’ll do. Scarlet Seas is half to French Ruby and Foxy Ruby. Bred on a lease, the dam has gone back to FF.

[color=blue]Foxham, 9.0hh bay colt
NCh. Ducati x Ch. Foxy Ruby - Gallant Fox (S)
Very excited about this colt! Just purchased Foxy Ruby this past September, as she’s half to our stallion French Ruby and came in foal. Foxham is half to 1 winner from 1 runner. Foxy Ruby will visit Worthy Victor for 2023.

[color=red]Ribbon Taffy, 9.1hh black filly
NCh. AndLikeThatHesGone x Ch. Royal Ribbon (B) - War Admiral (S)
Fifth foal for MSP dam, and half to SP [color=green]Ch. Acting Royal. Dam has been sold.

[color=red]Spice Island, 8.0hh dark bay filly
California Chrome x Spice Spice Baby - GCh. Highland Laird (S)
A little sad this girl didn’t have more chrome beyond a stripe and hind stockings, but in truth I had forgotten about the breeding so this was a pleasant surprise! Spice Spice Baby was bred on a lease and has returned to Denoux Stud.

[color=red]Unrequited, 9.1hh bay filly
NCh. AndLikeThatHesGone x Ch. Uninspired - Created
First foal for SP dam. She will visit Changeling for 2023.

[color=blue]3 Colts | [color=red]4 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 79 due

Lovely babies - Congrats!

[color=blue]Velveteen, 8.3h blue roan colt
FFCh. I’m No Fool (S) x Blue Velvet (S) - Blue Ensign (B)
This boy could have cooked a little longer, as he wasn’t due until next week. Half to MSW [color=green]Ch. Kera and 1 other winner. Dam set a speed record at SC, so it will be interesting to see what he favors when he grows up. Bred on a lease, Blue Velvet has returned to Blackhawk Ridge.

Six mares still keeping those legs crossed.

[color=blue]4 Colts | [color=red]4 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 79 due (I miscounted somewhere, lol)

Lovely foals, congratulations.

[color=blue]Dust Bowl Dance, 9.1hh dark bay colt
ICh. To Die For x Ch. While I Skip - GCh. Worth My While (G)
Second foal for MSW While I Skip. From the same family as Ch. Moonopoly, GCh. Galaxy’s Zodiac, NCh. Queen, and Ch. Asia. While I Skip will visit Golden Text for 2023.

[color=blue]Realm of Power, 7.2h black colt
GCh. Mantle of Power (B) x Colors Waving (G) - Created
We just acquired Colors Waving from the recent Color War and were looking forward to several years with her, but unfortunately it was not meant to be. She delivered a healthy little colt and was subsequently retired. He’s half to MSW and stallion [color=green]NCh. Aptitude, along with [color=green]Ch. Elgin and [color=green]Ch. Waving Octopus. (Thanks Shanthi for sending him back to me after he went gallivanting back to FF).

[color=blue]6 Colts | [color=red]4 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 78 due

Lovely colts.

Nice colts.

Samre sire, same color, same height,both bred on leases. They’re unofficial twins in my book.

[color=blue]Hanging Tree, 9.1h black colt
ICh. Devil’s Walk x On The Road Again - ICh. Stressed
This boy was in no hurry to arrive, foaling a week later than expected. Half to SW [color=green]El Inframundo His dam is half to 3 MSW’s including GCh. Imperium. Bred on a lease, his dam has returned to North Oak Farms Inc.

[color=red]Poinsettia, 9.1h black filly
ICh. Devil’s Walk x Ch. Passafina (S) - Created
In contrast, this little girl decided to arrive 3 days early. Half to SW[color=green]Super Chill, and SP’s [color=green]Serrafimo, [color=green]Fighting Fiercely, and [color=green]Slew So Fine. Dam is a SW of over 500k. She has returned to North Oak Farms Inc…

[color=blue]8 Colts | [color=red]6 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 76 due

[color=blue]Naval Academy, 9.3h dark bay colt
GCh. Naval Commander x Regal Kiss - Created
A week late, Naval Academy is an almost carbon-copy of his sire save for a single little star. Bred on a lease, he is half to 2 winners from 3 runners. His dam set 2 speed records going long on the turf, so fingers crossed he’ll grow into a nice runner! Regal Kiss has returned to Blackhawk Ridge.

[color=red]The Haunting, 9.3h grey filly
NCh. Lasting Spirit (S) x Ch. Tiara Tango - GCh. High On Love
Second foal for SP Tiara Tango, this big girl was originally due January 1st and was in no hurry. Tiara Tango will visit Sionnach for 2023.

[color=blue]9 Colts | [color=red]7 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 74 due

Love Poinsettia.

Love the names Hanging Tree & Naval Academy! Congrats on the healthy foals :smiley:

I’m down to waiting on 6 overdue mares and waiting for anyone to foal early, as our next on-time mare isn’t due until the 29th.

[color=red]PAINTED PINK, 9.3h dark bay filly
NCh. Painted Raven x Meldoniel (B) - WCh. King David (B)
Fourth foal for her dam, she is half to all winners including SP [color=red]Romantica. Her dam is half to MSW Ch. Silent Lightning and from the same damline as MSW’s GCh. As You Please, Ch. Maybach, and Ch. Candyland (dam of MSW Ch. Bubblicious). Meldoniel has been sold.

[color=blue]8 Colts | [color=red]7 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 73 due
(Somehow I keep forgetting how to count so numbers should be correct now).

FINALLY. A week later on waiting for half a dozen late mares to foal and at least someone came through. The others…well.

[color=red]WILD ARUM, 9.0h chestnut filly
NCh. French Ruby x Ch. Wild Countess - Count Fleet (S)
Originally due January 4th, Wild Arum is the second foal for her MSW dam. On the track she won 280k and set 2 SC speed records, so this little girl is definitely bred for a 3yo+ SC career! Wild Countess is half to GCh. Hearts Are Wild and Wild Highland (dam of 2 MSW producing daughters). Wild Countess will visit Quintet next.

[color=blue]8 Colts | [color=red]8 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 72 due

Lovely filly.

[color=blue]PUPPET SHOW, 9.0h dark bay colt
GCh. Venture His Due x Mystic Love (B) - NCh. Fleet Street (G)
Only 2 weeks late…actually surprised he’s not bigger with that much extra incubation + his dam is 17.2. Maybe he’ll have a late growth spurt! Mostly unproven damline, but I like Fleet Street as the damsire. Mystic Love was bred on a lease.

[color=blue]9 Colts | [color=red]8 Fillies | 0 Stillborn – 71 due