Black Storm 2024 Foals

Three new foals to start off the year! And naturally, none were actually due today.

CADMUS, 8.2h bay colt
WCh. Express Yourself (G) x Europa - Ch. Tryst of Fate
Named for King Cadmus from Greek mythology, whose younger sister was named Europa. This is Europa’s first foal; she didn’t do much on the track, not starting until 4, but I am excited for Tryst of Fate as a broodmare sire. She will visit Dr. Evil.

IVY COTTAGE, 9.3h bay filly
NCh. Bellagio (S) x Kew Garden - Rahy (S)
Half to two multi-placed runners from as many foals. Kew Garden is half to gold-ranked A Time For Romance. She will visit Belanso.

SANDFLY, 8.3h black filly
GCh. Venture His Due x Mosquito - GCh. Worth My While (G)
Second foal out of her dam. Mosquito will next visit Blue Smoke.

1 Colt | 2 Fillies

Love the names.

RUB’ AL KHALI, 9.2h bay colt
Dubawi x Miss USA (S)
Half to SP Flaxen Mocha and 100% winners.

LETTERS IN THE SKY, 8.3h dark bay filly
WCh. Brigade (B) x One Day Early - GCh. What’s Debatable (G)
First foal for multi-winning dam. Dam is half to MSW’s GCh. Golden Globes, Ch. Hollywood Power, and Ch. Hollywood’s Luck. She will visit Quarren for 2024.

2 Colts | 3 Fillies

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BRAMBLE PATCH, 9.0h chestnut colt
NCh. Straticus x Medieval Romance - NCh. Golden Text
Second foal for multi-placed dam. Dam is half to MSW’s GCh. Incandescent and Ch. Judgement Call. She will visit Nobly Regal for 2025.

HINT OF CHERRY, 10.0h strawberry roan colt
ICh. Unabridged (G) x Ch. Cherries Jubilee - ICh. Take Me Away
Always excited for another strawberry in the “cherry clan.” First foal for MSW and G1W dam, whom we bred and still own the granddam of! Cherries Jubilee will hopefully visit Fight the Twilight next.

RED ORCHID, 9.1h chestnut filly
NCh. Eighteen Karat (S) x Ch. Black Orchid - ICh. Dark Continent (B)
First foal for multi-winning dam, a half-sister to silver-rankedd Ch. A.P. Goodyear.

RUNES AND WARS, 9.3h black filly
NCh. Ancient Magic x Oscillation Oakley - Oscillation (S)
First foal for SP dam, a half-sister to MSW’s Ch. Red Alycatta and Ch. Leading The Parade. Oscillation Oakley is for sale.

4 colts | 5 fillies
*8 overdue already, hah!

NIPPERKIN, 9.2h bay colt
ICh. Quarren (S) x Ch. While I Skip (B) - GCh. Worth My While (G)
Fourth foal for MSW dam and half to 1 winner from 1 runner. A “nipperkin” is a unit of measurement.

ROYAL LODGE, 9.1h bay colt
NCh. Nobly Regal (S) x Diamond Lover - WCh. Crystal Rainbow (S)
Not 100% sold on the name just yet, but it’s slowly growing on me. Unintentionally bred a full brother to Shine Bright, a 2yo winner. Diamond Lover will visit Straticus for 2024.

6 colts | 5 fillies

Nice foals!

PANDORA’S STAR, 9.0h dark gray filly
NCh. LiveLong&Prosper x Ch. Foxy Ruby (B) - Gallant Fox (B)
Half to winner Gentle Giant. Dam is half to stallion NCh. French Ruby.

PRINCESS DOWRY, 8.3h dark gray filly
ICh. Belanso (S) x Ch. Crown Alexandra - GCh. Tottenham Hotspur
Finally one of my overdue mares foals! First foal for G2W Crown Alexandra, who is a half-sister to gold-ranked Sun Spot and silver-ranked GCh. Fly To Heaven. Crown Alexandra will visit Ancient Magic for 2024.

ROSEWOOD, 9.3h chestnut colt
NCh. Straticus x Rosie Clocked Out - Clockstopper
Hard to say what he might do, as his dam raced late and she only has 2 half-siblings. However, we do own a cousin of Rosie Clocked Out (same granddam, bottom line) who is gold. Rosie Clocked Out will visit Demand the Best.

7 colts | 7 fillies

Rosewood is such a nice name!

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CITY OF WONDERS, 9.2h chestnut colt
ICh. City Upon a Hill (B) x Only Wonder - ICh. Prince Of Wonder
We picked up Only Wonder from last year’s Select Auction. She’s MSP, and half to 4 MSW’s. This is her first foal. Only Wonder will visit Blue Smoke for 2024.

LOST IN NEVERLAND, 7.3h dark bay filly
NCh. Hogwarts (B) x Wanderlust (G) - Created
Another we picked up from the Select Auction. Lost In Neverland is half to MSW GCh. Itinerant and 100% winners. We hope to send Wanderlust to Franco Classico for 2024.

8 Colts | 8 Fillies
To think we already have 11 overdue mres.

Lovely babies with great names! Hope they live up to their potential.

I complain about 11 overdue mares and woke up to 5 new foals.

CACTUS FLOWER, 9.1h dark bay filly
NCh. Celtic Star (B) x Ch. Wildwood Flower - ICh. Ring of Fire (B)
First foal for MSW dam. She will visit Space Chips for 2024.

GREAT HORNED OWL, 9.3h bay colt
ICh. Blue Smoke (B) x Ch. Night Owl Special - FFCh. High Chances (S)
Won’t lie, I love this name, hah. Second foal and colt for MSW dam. From the same damline as NCh. American Rhapsody. Night Owl Special will visit Belanso for 2024.

IN PURSUIT, 9.2h grey colt
NCh. Gang of Thieves x Highland Flower - GCh. Highland Laird (S)
Third foal for the dam, whose oldest just turned two but she was a late bloomer so might not see much right away. Dam is half to 1 gold and 3 silver mares. Highland Flower will visit Blue Smoke.

ROSY CHEEKS, 10.0h bay filly
NCh. French Ruby (B) x Torchbearer - FFCh. Foolhardy (S)
Bred on a lease.

KILLIAN, 9.1h chestnut colt
NCh. Carrowmore (S) x Youthful - Created
Dam didn’t really start running until 4, so I’m hoping Carrowmore being MSW at 3+ will make this colt an earl(ier) bloomer than his mom. Youthful will visit Nobly Regal for 2024.

11 Colts | 10 Fillies


The grays are taking over this year.

CROSS REFERENCE, 8.1h grey colt
NCh. Golden Text (G) x Ch. Tiara Tango - GCh. High On Love (S)
Half to 2yo winner Gavotte. Dam was SP at 3, so hoping he’ll hit his best right at 2/3. Very excited for this colt. Hoping to send Tiara Tango to Mantle of Power.

UNRAVEL, 9.0h dapple grey filly
NCh. Changeling (S) x Ch. Uninspired - Created
Happy to see a healthy filly after a stillborn on this cross last year. Dam raced and won at multiple distances and surfaces, so who knows where she’ll go. Uninspired will visit Nobly Regal.

12 Colts | 11 Fillies

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Love the names.

Love the names! Especially Cross Reference.

Thanks! Colts have taken command.

HEAT LIGHTNING, 8.2h black colt
WCh. Sponsored (B) x GCh. Flying High - WCh. What’s Debatable (G)
Flying High was a MSW and millionaire, and half to MSW GCh. sorBet, and half to Risk Away (dam of Away the Lads).

DARK REPUBLIC, 7.3h dark bay colt
NCh. Nobly Regal (S) x Ch. Reine de la Nuit - ICh. Long Live The King
Did not want to wait, being born 2 weeks early. Dam was SW and is a half-sister to our other mare, Ch. Night Owl Special, who foaled last week.

Both mares will visit Straticus for 2024.

14 Colts | 11 Fillies

This guy sneaked in last night without me noticing.

MOR’SMOKE, 8.2h gray colt
ICh. Blue Smoke (B) x Mord’sith - GCh. Must Be Magic (S)
First foal for SP dam. Mord’Sith is half to 3 MSW’s including gold-ranked Ch. Marie de Guise and silver-ranked Ch. Spectacular Queen. She will visit Holy Warrior for 2025.

15 Colts | 11 Fillies

After almost 2 weeks of nothing, my 3 very overdue mares finally dropped (3+ weeks late), but everyone is healthy.

[color=blue]FULL ENGLISH[/color], 9.1h blue roan colt
GCh. All That Appeal x Littleover Easy - ICh. Candidate (S)
First foal for MW dam, who also set a speed record at 3.

[color=red]PROWL[/color], 9.2h grey filly
NCh. Irish Gold (B) x Ch. Silver Cat - NCh. Silver Wizard
First foal for SW dam. Foal will likely be a chaser.

[color=blue]CUIRASSIER[/color], 9.3h strawberry roan colt
NCh. French Ruby (B) x Ch. Taste the Gold (B) - Created
A “cuirassier” is a term used for an French cavalryman wearing a cuirass, or breastplate. Half to SP [color=green]Ch. Blue Jeans[/color]. Both parents are MSW’s over jumps. Taste the Gold was bred on a lease and has returned to Marshall Creek.

17 Colts | 12 Fillies

6 more due this month. Fingers crossed for some fillies!


Love the name Prowl!


Colts continue to dominate.

NORTHUMBERLAND, 9.1h chestnut colt
Gun Runner x Ellenai - ICh. What’s Your Point
Third foal and first colt for Ellenai, a half-sister to MSW Ch. Grandiose Castle. Ellenai will visit Straticus for 2024.

18 Colts | 12 Fillies

Love the name!