Black Diamond Estates Sale!!

Alright the first auction for Black Diamond Estates features the following geldings:

[color=green]Ch.Gentlemen’s Right

This is a good racing gelding.  I think his so-so performances as of late have stemmed from a change in tack.  I haven’t really figured out quite what  he needs yet but as I’m coming into 2011 I’m trying to make room for new racers.  I’m hoping someone will snap this guy up and get him to where he needs to be to truly be a great horse.

[color=green]Hold Your Breath

This is a young gelding who is still full of potential.  He has placed in the money 10 out of 15 starts this year so overall he is a consistant money maker.  I have way too many Open Allowance SC horses and the races are limited.  If this were not the case I would keep this guy as he is one of my favorites.

[color=green]Hollywood Trademark

I hate to see this gelding go.  He is young a very talented but I need to make room and let loose a few SC horses.  Since I claimed him he has only placed out of the money once.  He has consistantly gotten better with every race since he came to Black Diamond Estates.  I wish his new owner the best of luck with him.

[color=green]Not Nuts

There was a time when I couldn’t wait to get this gelding out of my stables but now I hate to see him leaving.  When Notty first came to me he was worn out.  I foolishly tried to race him a couple of times to see if that would perk him up but in the end all he needed was a good rest and some jogging.  When he finally came back around he managed to come in 3rd of 6 in with some good company.  I tried him in a couple of Stakes races but he is not quite there yet.  This is a very talented young gelding who still has lots of potential.

[color=green]Worth A Look

This is a talented but picky gelding.  If you can get him in a good Open Allowance SC race when the track isn’t wet he will bring in the money.  Again this gelding is part of my SC cut back that I’m trying to accomplish. 

Woosh… I need to save up some mullah, I guess! ;3 You have at least two horses I’ve let slip away before–Hold Your Breath, and Gentlemen’s Right. I’m a huge fan of both of them, and I love their sires. I’ve watched them for a while, but all but gave up on ever owning them… However, I’ll have to get my babies to win some before I even think about auctions… Siiiigh… lol In any case, good luck with your sale :slight_smile:

Auction starts in a few days!! Two horses were added.

can I buy Not Nuts for $9,000

He is already sold.

If Hollywood Trademark is not sold I would like to buy him for $9,000

This was an auction that is already completed.