Black Briar Foals

Our very first foal was born overnight. Silver Dreams foaled a month early but sadly the foal didn’t survive. I was looking forward to having 2 weanlings drop this year… hopefully better luck with the next :disappointed:

Stillborn filly
ICh. Blue Smoke (S) x Ch. Silver Dreams - NCh. Silver Wizard
Bred by Black Storm West

Not sure who Silver Dreams will see next as Blue Smoke has been retired.


Oh no, sorry to hear about your foal. :frowning: I hope her next foal is healthy.

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Thanks! Fingers crossed!!

Oh man, I’m so sorry! I feel weirdly responsible as I had sold Silver Dreams in foal. Fingers crossed for future healthy foalings.

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Sorry to hear about your foal, a disappointing start for you. Hope the next one is fine…

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@Shelbie Thanks so much! I was looking forward to this foal and sadly couldn’t even try the re-breeding but mom’s healthy so I’m happy about that!

Ah, sorry about your foal! I recently welcomed my first one too, so I can completely understand your disappointment.

I love the idea of starting a foaling thread even though your stable’s foals are bred by other barns - the excitement is still very real! Will very likely copy that great idea, no idea why it never even crossed my mind haha.


Sorry for your loss. That happened to me in first year of breeding, two mares and one was a stillbirth. Good luck for next time.

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Thanks everyone! @Leah You definitely should post about your babies! Like you said even though I didn’t breed these mares the excitement for the foals is very much there!


I always post any foals that are “mine” as an owner, even if I didn’t breed them. I get credit for naming, right? :wink: Also I should own up to all babies I own instead of pretending some don’t count to make myself feel less like a hoarder.


This little lady kept us waiting an extra week past her due date. With only two foals dropping for Black Briar and sadly losing the first, we are super excited to end our foaling season on a high note! Angel will be seeing Final Scene for her next breeding.

NCh. Hogsmeade (B) x Angel of Darkness - WCh. I’m Your Angel (B)
Bred by Ivy Creek Farm

9h dark grey filly

2 Colts (created) |1 Filly | 1 Stillborn

Veela (from Harry Potter) are magical beings having the power to bewitch and enchant men. They are highly attractive, looking exceptionally beautiful but when angry, look like a harpy with faces elongate into sharp, cruel-beaked bird heads, and long scaly wings bursting from their shoulders.