Hehe… what no

birthday message? I just turned the big 2-1 (which means I can now drink if I want to in the

US) and no messages :wink:

Its not that big of a deal, and just being an attention

grabber, but I hope you all have a great day like I’m sure my night will



Do you have your b-day filled

out in your profile?


Anyway, happy birthday! Don’t stay up all night

playing drinking games–like my sister did. The male parental unit visited her the next

morning, and the story goes that she spent breakfast paying homage to the great porcelain


:open_mouth: I saw it was coming up but

I missed that it was today. Happy birthday!! You’re now a true adult in the US lol

Happy Birthday!! :smiley:

Happy birthday :slight_smile:


think the forum’s on crack today (ie the links and some editting being gone) so maybe it

just forgot to remind us. Or Shanthi’s too busy fighting with it to remind us :wink:.

I think it’s on crack. :wink:

Regarding the birthday thing, I think what it’s doing is

putting people on the list for having bdays within a week, but then when it’s the actual

day, it doesn’t bother to list you on the “having a birthday today” thing.


birthday! You’re supposed to get a message from the forum, too, saying the same thing, but

I think the forum’s a bit high right now. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure it’ll send birthday wishes when

it’s more coherent.

Happy birthday, Lindsay! I

hope you didn’t drink too much last night :wink:

happy birthday! i hope you

have a great b-day!

Happy birthday Lindz! Hope

you had an awesome day! :smiley:

Hope you had an awesome

b-day! Brianna-Edgewood Stud

Yes I hope you had a great

day too! :slight_smile: Happy 21st!!