Birthday Presents...

Okee… because I love giving away gift art XP …here is some for the peoples who had birthdays recently… (I’m still in the middle of them so please forgive the wait… X_x)

For Amy of Shadow Creek Stables:  (P.S. Sorry for the lateness X_X)

For Ashlee (ashlee118) of ?:  (Yayyy… this one is on time for once! X3)

For Kerry of KindleHope Farms: (Er…  I know it looks a tad… off… with anatomy and such X_x I’m sorry… I hope it isn’t insulting to you ._.;;; )

And last but not least…

For Jei of Shizuka Takara:  (Mwee… sorry it is sooo late X__X)

Hope everyone likes theirs :3 Love and many happy wishes! :slight_smile: (I know I don’t know any of you very well… and I hope it doesn’t creep you out that I wanted to give you all a birthday gift O.o; -cough- )

Um… o_o; I know they aren’t the greatest… I kind of did them all at the last minute… (and I know there are a lot of brown-ish horses xD) and my coloring is awful… e_e; -coughcough- But if any of you want me to draw anything else for you, just ask. I’m willing to give it a shot :3 (And lord knows I need the practice lol)

Take care and good luck to you all :slight_smile:

I love you more every day haha.  Jei is going to love that, and the funny part is, you guys have the same first name! Yay!  Anyhow, she’ll be on later to praise your work :slight_smile:  I like it alot and I’m sure she will too

Omg that is so awsome. Running pwns!  ;D My name is Sarah too! -got a break from her busy work to use her cousins computer- lol I love the picture! thanks so much <3

-runs off to get back to work. Her cousin is finnaly moving out to her own appartment and Jei said she’d help move…bad idea- ::)

Lol XDD OMG That is uberly awesomeness! The same first name… gosh XP Tis crazy, but so cool… Oosh… and I’m sooooo glad you both like it! X3 Welcomes mucho Jei (w00t name party XP), and good luck with the moving! And thankies Edea ;3

<3-dom to both of ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My name has an S, an H, and an A.  Does that count?  Oh!  And my middle name starts with R!  I can make a Sarah too!

Duuude, you are totally invited to the name parteh Edea ;3 lol

Party! woooo!

I have a first name it’s C-R-A-Z-Y
I have a second name it’s S-A-R-A-H
i could love me every day and if you ask me why i’ll say:
“Because i have a way with C-A-P-T-A-I-N”
8) yay!


I have a feeling I’m going to be singing that all the rest of the night and all the next day… XD YES something else to drive my parents crazy! XP

Moochi!! You are an amazing artist!!! I really like the Captain Jack sketch!! You are a nice photographer too!!!

GAAAH XD You actually looked at those?! -hides face in shame- lol But seriously… Thank you very, very, verrrry much ;; You have made me so happy… -contented sigh-  ^___^

hey thanks ur a really good artist

:astonished:  I like your horses! I draw horses too, but I like yours better.  8)

YAY Glad you like it Ashlee!!! X3 Freedom, thank ya hun! ;3 I bet you don’t give yourself enough credit though

you are an amazing artist!!! WOW! I wish I could draw 1/2 as well as you can! also that was very sweet you are so kind to everyone!! good luck with your artistry!

Well, one thing I’d like to improve in my drawings is that I can’t do muscle. It makes my horses look so… flat.  :stuck_out_tongue:  So, muscular pictures look a lot better to me (like yours). Plus, I always ruin my horses when I color them.  ;D

Freedom, I’ll let you in on a secret… I STINK at drawing muscle XD My muscles always look too squiggly or too liney… meh X_x I try, but I still haven’t gotten the hang of it (cartoony musculature is much easier than realistic muscle because it really IS just a bunch of squiggly, liney stuff. It’s supposed to look that way… The realistic muscle has to have more of an actual 3D effect to it… Shading can help make your drawing look like a living breathing thing, but I still haven’t figured out how to do that exactly… ..;  ) As for coloring… as I said before, my coloring is baaaaad. I spent the last 3 years drawing/sketching thousands of pictures without ANY color, for that very reason. Recently, I started up coloring again, but it is so difficult to do when you aren’t used to it X_x I have no problem shading in color when I have to, but when I have to mix colors and such (and I’m talking about colored pencils right now, since that’s what I usually use to color) uck… It’s so bad. >< ANYWAY xD Sorry I just blabbed on and on… But, Freedom, if you really enjoy drawing and art, you should definitely keep it up. The only way to get better is to keep working at it (as cliche as that sounds). Also, if you’ve never used photographs for reference, I recommend you try it. It REALLY can be a HUGE help when you are practicing anatomy and muscle tone. :slight_smile:

Btw, thank you lckychrm150!!! X3 -hug- You’re too nice!!! ^^;;;

every time I draw a good horse I “try” to color it and it looks dumb!! your looks great! how do you do it?? Did you have a book?

Nope, no books :/  Trial and error really… Keep practicing and eventually you’ll figure out to do this instead of that and don’t try to mix these certain colors because they don’t work, etc. That’s how I learned. Just practice practice practice (again… oh the cliche-ness X_x but tis true…)

Wow, they’re amazing. That’s such a cute picture of Malibu. -goes to hang it on her stall door- lol. THANKS! -hugs- Sorry, I’m REALLY hyper today. -jumps around-