Best place to live??

Hey~ All of you experienced players where do you think the best place to live is?  I wanted to live in austrila but the prices were rele high any suggestions?

My number one tip is don’t live overseas unless you can pay to ship your horses.  If your horses aren’t racing regularly because you don’t have enough money to ship them, you aren’t going to be able to gain any earnings.  Because of the high cost of shipping, it’s easier to live somewhere like New York, where there are many tracks nearby and races going on pretty much all year.  I’d stay in the U.S. at the very least if I were you- you want to be close enough to tracks that your horse can race regularly and so that you can afford for your horse be shipped home regularly for rest. 

I picked to live near Aqueduct, and I love it.  There are almost always races at my “home track” or somewhere close by.

Yeah, I agree with Taylon, I picked to live near Santa Anita and even though its in the U.S. its still a pain in the butt since most races hover around the NY area and my horses can’t come home to rest after every race like some stables can(my horses have to ship the entire length of the U.S. each time). If I could do it over again I’d go for the NY area.

thanks I chose Woodbine Canada. The shipping seemed reasonable thanks for the advice!!

I think Woodbine will be a good area. I’m near Belmont and love it, since I can take my horses home from a good race without much distance. But Woodbine seems to have some good races out there also.  :wink:

Woodbine is an awesome location in my opinion, and not too much for shipping to the tracks/races around NY. I just tend to waste my earned money by shipping overseas and to the west coast + breedings, but Woodbine and area always has nice races. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the fed back!! Hope I made a good decision!

…although to update my comment about the a California location, I am pretty excited to be able to say my horses are Cal-breds! :wink: That’s one cool thing at least(for me anyway)…I wonder if we’ll ever have Cal-bred, Maryland-bred etc. only stakes races??

I would like to eventually, but we need to have a lot more horses first to be able to support state-bred races.

I’m with you on Cal-bred ponies! :stuck_out_tongue:  I’m near Del-Mar and I’m proud to say all my babies are Cal-Bred now ;D

I’m just outside woodbine as well. THeres lots of nice tracks close by, it’s been a good location for me.