BC Supplemental Nominations Question


It’s a bit early to start thinking about the BC, but I was looking into it and it doesn’t seem like I could do a supplemental nomination for a leased horse? Is that correct? Would I need to ask their owner for the supplemental nominatation?


Yes, that is correct.

I was about to post the same question when I found this Topic.

This seems a bit harsh. If you have leased a horse from another Stable which would probably be a good contender for one of the BC races (presumably this holds for the BS as well) it can’t get Nominated for the race unless the actual owner does it, yet, they wouldn’t earn anything if the horse won, while they would have the expense of doing the Supplemental Nomination. Is this the way it is in RL?

It’s not intentionally set up to be harsh, I just haven’t had a chance to handle leasing vs owning expenses overhaul. (The same could be said for stallion nominations, which I believe are owner-only expense even if the stud is leased out for an entire year.)

I think my assumption when I originally wrote the code was that you wouldn’t be leasing out super nice ponies. :stuck_out_tongue:

(This’ll all be fixed in the rewrite, but I need to find time to actually work on that…)