BC Nomination not showing up

Hi Shanthi,
Not sure if other people are experiencing the same issue, but I nominated my studs What’s Debatable and Strider for the BC 2014 and although the 100k is shown being taken out of my budget my stud’s pages say they are not nominated for the BC 2014…

This is one of those “whenever you get a chance” items as it doesn’t really matter right now so long as the foals eventually get credit. :slight_smile:

…also wondering if the BS nominatins I put in are doing the same thing…


Yeah, the issue has already been touched on. You can view the thread here…http://www.finalfurlong.org/forum/index.php/topic,6144.0.html :slight_smile:

oops, well that’s what i get for being off the forum for awhile. thanks for the heads up!