BC Entering Issues....

Hi Shanthi,
Not sure if others are having a similar problem but my filly Highway (3211) is currently at Belmont and according to the BC Qualifier page is qualified to enter the BC Juv. Fillies(she’s currently #10) and yet when I go to enter her the entering page says that I do not own any horses eligible for the race.

I still have a few more to enter so I’ll post any more that have the same issue but the other 5 or so I’ve entered have been problem free-not sure why it doesn’t like Highway! :slight_smile:

Yeah I was having a similar problem with Carrowmore in the juvi turf.  He is an alternate but I’m not racing any of the fillies I own that are qulaified so that opens a spot for him.  :slight_smile:

Successfully entered horses up through hitting the Juvenile Turf, at which point it isn’t showing Prospero (#11 on the ranking list, located at Belmont) as eligible.  He’s lifetime nominated and doesn’t show up on the Supplemental Nomination page.

Should all be fixed. :slight_smile:

Yup, seems to be!  Thanks for fixing it in time. :slight_smile:

I was trying to see if Clockwork Orange (3630) was available to enter in the BC Juvenile, and even though he is an alternate I was assuming he would show up. I checked shipping days/times since he is in Calder and it is still only 1 day for air, 3 days for ground so I could still air ship him. Just wondering if it won’t show up until tomorrow the last day of entering or if he should be showing up for me to enter him. Thanks :slight_smile: