Barbaro's Brothers

I read today that Barbaro’s 2nd full brother was born on Friday, a 148 lbs bay colt.  No idea what normal birth weights are for TB foals, but yay for a successful delivery.

I also saw that they’ve named the yearling colt “Nicanor.”  (I personally think Barbaro had a better ring to it, but I’ll admit that Nicanor is better than Man in Havana :wink:.)

It’s cool that he has two full brothers but I doubt either of them will be as good as Barbaro was. He just struck me as one of those rare horses that only come along once every few generations. But who knows … I certaintly hope they’ll do Barbaro proud  :slight_smile:

Plus they bred Barbaro’s dam back to try again for a full sister! I guess the Chapmans usually sell the colts and keep the fillies for racing and later breeding although with the Barbaro band they’ve strayed from that norm, and for good reason! Can’t wait until these babies hit the track!

I agree, Barbaro was one and a million :-*

Yep. He was one in a zillion!!! Thats cool that he’ll have 3 full siblings though.

Barbaro was one in a gajillion. :slight_smile: There’s not going to be another one like him anytime soon. However, I hope his siblings do him proud.

On a side note, I thought it was very fitting that Michael Matz was the trainer of the winner of the first Barbaro Stakes.

So there’re really cute pictures of Nicanor here - … tures.aspx

He’s still unraced, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when he actually hits the track.

He’s looking awesome… the question is will he have his brothers talent?

I don’t know that it really matters…the chances of him actually being talented are pretty slim (just because the odds of any foal, no matter how nicely bred, being awesome is slim).  The fact that he’s made it to the track without major injury is a minor miracle in itself. :wink: