Back in the swing...

Hi all!

Well I’m officially back into the swing of a somewhat ‘normal’ life. Have a home and a job (which I start on Tuesday) here in London now.

Trip was fantastic. To refresh your memories, I visited Fiji, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Dubai en-route to moving to London. It has been fantastic not working and living a kind of carefree life for four months, but I’m definitely looking forward to having some sort of routine… Not that I love routine, it will just be nice to be earning money and settling into London (it’s amazing here). I’ve got a heap of pictures so I’ll pick a few goodies to share, but below is a favorite from when I was in Dubai. We did a desert dinner safari thing which was just amazing!

So yeah - I’m back in control of the stable and look forward to finishing out the year successfully - I hope!


Glad your back-Great trip-settling far from home now.Best of luck.