Hey everyone!  Monica who I leased Baby’sinabox from, has decided that we should sell him because we don’t have the time to figure out what he is good at. 

He is a gorgeous 15.3hh 3 year old black colt.  He has made 9 starts with one second and one fourth.  He is a very promising young colt that would be a very nice porspect.  Finish him your way.

We are neg. on the price so just pm me and we can talk about it.

i got a good record with these kind of horses so I don’t need negotiation on price. I beleive I bought Clever Victory off you aswell …? his priced high but he’ll get over it. thanks for another opportunity to move another racehorse up a level. I build my stable on these horses so i’ve got expectations on myself. Well he might turn out like Jack O’lantern did (he only had a couple of allowance wins before I bought him). Thanks again.


Yes you did buy Clever Victory off me as well.  Good luck with Baby’sinabox.  I hope he does well for your stable.

Good luck racing!