So I’m leaving for Rome in the morning and will be gone through Feb 29. I should have internet there, and will be online a bit, but likely won’t be able to fix any game problems while I’m gone. If anything goes drastically wrong, I’ll fix it when I get back. :slight_smile:


Whoo, Rome! Awesome!

Awesome we only made it to florence, Tirennia  and Pisa, we didn’t get to Rome, hope you have a great time would love to see pics!  I know notre’ dame was amazing! and the square around Pisa! The only thing I miss about leaving Europe is traveling was so easy. Have fun! :slight_smile:

I thought Notre-Dame was in Paris? Maybe you mean the Duomo? :wink:

Lol yeah sorry went to both,lol . Paris the summer before. That will teach me to pay attention! We went so many places this time I lost track. Lol , blonde moment. Lived in Germany .
We did Paris ,Italy,Austria,Switzerland, the Netherlands,I’d have to get hub to tell me the rest I lose track.

Rome is heaven. Enjoy.