Auction Code Features - Preferences/Suggestions?

I’m planning on coding in an auction for

Final Furlong. It will be similar to eBay type auctions in that it won’t be live, in the

chat room. (If members still want live auctions, we can do that, too). I’m hoping to have

this done by the time 2006’s Foal Auction occurs, but no promises.

I’m trying to

come up with ideas for features. So far I have:

-Bidding done in at least $500

-Horse sale will be determined by length of time since last bid (i.e. 6hrs,

12hrs, 24hrs, 48hrs, etc), unlike eBay which has a set ending time.
-All bidding will be

automated and immediate
-Max bids will be enabled-like eBay, you can say you want to bid a

max of, say, $20,000 and it will keep automatically bidding for you until it reaches that

-E-mail notification of sale/outbid - this can be turned on/off depending on

member’s specific preferences
-Max prices - a horse will be sold once it reaches a

certain price, regardless of bidding (not sure exactly how this will work)
-Reserve prices

  • owner can refuse sale if the price is too low

Any other suggestions? I’m planning

on setting this up so that members can also create their own auctions, assuming they have at

least, say, 5 or 10 horses to auction. I’m hoping that by having it set up so that the

horse is sold after it hasn’t been bid on for a certain amount of time, this will eliminate

some of the problems of other automated auctions, like sniper bidding and not being online

when the auction ends.



cheating from work, but looks good to me. I like the hrs after last bid thing, though may

also want to have “cap” on time, so that horses like Turn ‘n’ Burn don’t have auction

running for like 3 weeks. So maybe set it up so max auction’ll run is 14 days, but if no

bids after x hours (set by auctioneer) then horse sells. Just my opinion, I’ll think about

it more when I’m not at work. :slight_smile:

I think it

sounds great! Chat room auctions are a blast but not very many people seem interested in them

anymore so maybe it is time we moved on.

Yeah I’m

with Jade here, sounds great! That’s cool about members being able to use the auction

facility too. I know I’m going to have at least five/ten foals/racers to get rid of each


That also works well for people like me who would have to wake at ungodly hours

to make the auctions. We can send in our bids and it is all automated, no relying on Shanthi!

Not that shes ever failed me that is… :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope this auction is a success

though… I love the live bidding!


Perhaps to

maintain some of the “live auction” feel it’d be possible to tie in some sort of messaging

system, sort of like a smaller message board that just goes with auction. So people bidding

on horses could post there and it’d show up at bottom and you could see people’s comments

on horses for sale/etc w/o having to flip back to the MB window. I dunno, all of this is

really going to be complicated to code. Shanthi, are you insane? You realize how many fun

projects this’ll leave me while I make you do the hard code?


*please no

Shanthi burn-out, please no Shanthi burn-out* lol it does sound like A LOT of work, but it

also sounds SO COOL! I would love to have an auction like that. I like ebay, but not the

hassle with people not delivering the auction items. grr old pain. I know FF will deliver

the horses though. I can’t wait. :smiley:


Can i remove my horse from the sale.

If the horse in question is one you received from Final Furlong as a starter horse, send Shanthi a PM with the horse in question’s name. She’ll either remove it for you or exchange it for a foal who isn’t consigned.

If you consigned it yourself, then the answer is “no.”

For future reference, including more information is a good thing and enables either myself or Shanthi to take much prompter action regarding the problem.