At A Loss

Well I too am sort of at a loss with my four year old colt GCh. Native Justice. Last year was a great year for him, his prime I’m thinking. He raced in twenty races, eight of them stakes, and came out winning seven of them, four of those seven being various stakes races, and not showing or placing in just one of them, the one he raced in before i bought him. Well so this year he has been put in seventeen races, fourteen of them various stakes, and he has only won two races this year–one a stakes race, no seconds, three thirds and five fourths. He hasn’t placed or showed in seven races this year. I just recently swapped him to steeplechasing in hopes that that would help, because on both turf and dirt it just wasn’t working. I am also considering gelding him, but would hate to do that because he is so close to qualifying for stud. Anyone have any ideas?

Has he won any SC races yet? I’m a newbie but I think you should give him until the end of this year before gelding him, so see how he does over the hurdles before making any “life changing” decisions. Best of luck,  :wink:

Well I’d say you’re shipping him around to much and not giving him enough breaks between races. You entered him on the 6th in Australia and then shipped him to the US and raced him again on the 13th, he’s probably exhausted and very low on NE.

Well I don’t race my horses unless they have an A or B energy so I don’t know. He has only been in one steeple chase race so far and got 10th out of 13. How long do you think I should rest him?

With the amount of shipping and the distances… I’d give him 30 days… he’s been in and out of the country alot… which will use more NE then just shipping around the states…

Okay Thanks