Asking For Horses For Sale: Posts to be Deleted

OK, since every day there are 1 or 2 posts from someone saying “please sell me a racehorse for $____ or less”, here is the official/final response to that type of post:

No one responds to these types of messages. (:o :roll: :evil: :shock:) This type of post (for me, anyway) just annoys me as a stable owner. If/when I happen to have horses for sale, I’ll post them…I’m not sitting around thinking Gee, if only a newbie would ask if anyone would sell them a horse for 1/10th its value, then I’d be able to tell them about my multi-millionaire that I’m giving away…. Otherwise, that means I don’t have anything for sale. However, if someone (newbie or otherwise) e-mails/PMs me (or even posts) saying “Gee, I saw ____ in your stable, and I love him. Would you consider $15,000 for him?” then I have the opportunity to say one of 3 things:

  1. Sure, he’s yours!
  2. Sorry, that price is too low.
  3. Sorry, he’s not for sale. But how about _____ for $15,000?

The assumption that owners have horses they want to get rid of but are too dumb to know how to put them on the sales page is a pretty offensive one…thus, very few people are going to leap up and think about selling you a horse, even if they have one in mind that they might sell to someone.

So…from now on, I will be deleting any post that consists of “sell me a horse”.

If you truly want a horse, do a little bit of research and find one. Then ask if it’s for sale. If the only effort you are willing to put out in getting a horse is posting a 10-word post, then no one is going to put in effort to find a horse of theirs for you…and likewise, I will match your effort with a 1-second click of the “Delete” button.

Please, guys…I’m not trying to be mean. I do want people to buy/sell/find horses. But enough is enough. Do some research, figure out WHY you want horse so-and-so (this will likely help you in racing your own horses), and then ask the owner – we’re all very nice people, and are generally open to inquiries about our horses. To date, I have probably had a couple dozen or so offers for my horses this year, and have sold almost 20 horses (ignoring the studs that I auctioned earlier this year).

Feel free to comment as you like.

Good idea. :slight_smile: It isn’t that

hard to use a search feature and find horses that don’t win lots of stakes… Look at the

big stables, that is, the stables leading the various categories on the ‘Hall Of Fame’

page… :slight_smile:

Good idea.

Yes, I was one

of those newbies that posted a “horses for sale?” and I see how annoying it can get for you

guys out there! :slight_smile:

So can you do like Wanted ones at all?

Yes, if you follow the suggested format of asking for specific horses.

As stated above, “generic” wanted posts (i.e. “Anyone who has racehorses, let me know! I need one cheap”) will be deleted.

I know if i’m browsing the forum and see a “looking for Whatever” i have a tendency to flat out ignore it…On he other hand i’ve had a few of the newer stables privately e-mail me and if the horse they want isen’t for sale or to expensive i try to find them something i’m willing to sell(i believe i’ve sold like 3 in the past couple weeks)…And i don’t even like selling my horses… :roll: lol

Question about this.

If posted a post like such…

I’m looking for a racehorse. If you have one that you are willing to part with could you please let me know? I would love it if you did but even if you don’t I’m fine with it. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in any type, even untried horses as long as they are not already past their prime preferably. Price is nogotiable, as I am willing to pay top dollar.[/i]

Is that still one of those “wanted” post? Would it be better to just contact a decent stable asking if they had anyone they could sell to be.

Sorry if this has already been covered, I’m sometimes a bit out-there and don’t notice or understand things properly. I’m bring this up becuase I only have the one racehorse and I would like to recive some more income. I also see other new members tat have several racers already and they joined after me.

Woh, Long unless rant eh? I just want to succed but I’m obviously not doing well and am way below the standard. :frowning:

I’ll just give you my experience with this. Way better to contact stables via PM. I’ve been extremely lucky in acquiring horses at a nice price by researching the stables and making my pitch. The more established operations are willing to part with certain types…geldings for the most part. Look for those and if you run them right, there’s money to be made.

Yes, that is exactly the type of post that will be deleted.  If you want a racehorse, go search for them.  I’d recommend searching for allowance level geldings, then allowance level 4yo+ colts (who would be unlikely to qualify for stud).  You might get lucky and get someone to sell you an allowance level filly/mare, but the girls are much more popular due to breeding value.  Likewise, not many people will sell 2yos yet, since 90% of them are pretty unknown quantities.  (Or if they are known, it’s in a good way like they won their first start already ;-))

Once you find a horse, come up with some sort of price you’d be willing to offer (my rule of thumb is that starting offers/asking prices range at around 50% of the horse’s lifetime race earnings), and post or PM the owner about the horse in question.  As has been stated before, a lot of times you’ll get a “no” for various reasons (sentimental value, too nice a horse for your price range, keeping for the bloodlines, what-have-you), but sometimes people will say “yes”.

Okay that was what I wanted to clear up before I went and made one. Thank you  :-*

I’m not worried about finding someone that will sell me a mare/filly because I do have a brood and my only racer is a mare too. :smiley: But hopefully I can find somehorse that fits the bill, and can help me become more comfortable in FF.

I’m assuming that it is in the FAQ/Newbie Guide explaining why an allowance level 4yo+ colt wouldn’t be able to qualify for stud. :wink:

For a Stallion to Qualify for Stud duty… he must have won 10 stakes races, one of them being a Grade 1 stakes…

An allowance leve Stallion has very slim chance of qualifying…

Well, generally by the time they’re 4+, it’s pretty obvious whether they’re stakes level or not.  (Though a lot of newbies seem convinced that their latest colt is a future billionaire  ::))

The only reason she said that is because a colt has to have 10 stakes wins to be stud qualified, so if the horse in question is a colt 4yo+ it’s unlikely that he will get 10 stakes wins before retirement :slight_smile:

Quick Question from a new player - is it okay to post a response to a sale thread asking if the seller has ___ still available? I’d just like to check. Thanks!

Yes that’s fine. :slight_smile: You’re enquiring about a specific horse, not expecting the game to magically find you one.