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Everyone excited about the Breeders Cup tomorrow?  I don’t have nearly the entries I’ve had in the past but it’s still exciting too see our best of the best FF horses run against each other.

Anywho, the reason I started this thread was to state how I miss those few individuals who would sometimes write articles about the big race days here in FF. We use to get interesting write-ups about up and coming Kentucky Derby hopefuls, rivalries, and Breeders Cup entries. I remember in the past (way way way past) we had race results that consisted of a little blurb about the race and comments about the finishers. 
I was kind of wondering if there could be an incentive for anyone interested in starting our “newspaper” up again?  Or is there anyone who would like to do it because they think it would be fun? I just think its sad that all our monumental race day’s come and go now without a fun article or blurb highlighting the entries and potential winners.
I would love to do it if I had more time and I’m sure that’s what will be holding everyone else back. But just incase, on the off chance, that someone might be interested, I wanted to say something to maybe get the wheels turning. :slight_smile:

Even if Shanthi can’t/won’t do a FF-related incentive (which I doubt), maybe we could each offer something - free breedings, a weanling/yearling/2YO, etc.  With enough stables combined, it could certainly be tempting for SOMEONE, surely!

I’m not a very eloquent writer, and frankly, don’t have enough time/interest to research to be able to write such articles…but I DEFINITELY would love to read about it!

Oh…I’ve just started a graduate course and am snowed under with coursework so not enough time to do all the research unfortunately. I love BC day even though we don’t have any runners this year. I could definitely offer a free breeding or two if someone else has the time and inclination to do it :slight_smile:

Mintano and I did it years ago: … ic.php?t=8

Unfortunately the websites aren’t active anymore. I would consider doing it part time again (one person take weds races, the other takes saturdays) for predictions for the stakes races - primarily the G2 and G1 races. We could also throw in weekly (or monthly, time permitting!) blurbs about fantastic up and coming runners (or stallions) and/or a bit about a stable every month…

But - I can’t do it on my own!

I really like the idea. While I still consider myself to be quite the amateur when it comes to horseracing, I would be more than willing to help if there is any way I can. I am a writer in real life, so with some pointers I might be able to put something meaningful together.

I could! Great idea!

Awesome! Yeah I’d be willing to throw in some incentive. Breedings mostly, but possibly a couple horses!

Ok so it sounds like lots of people are interested in some kind of Final Furlong ‘paper’ or ‘form’. What exactly do you all want to see in it? My train of thought is the following:

  • Stakes Race Predictions
  • Racehorse Highlights
  • Stallion/Broodmare Highlights
  • Stable Highlights
  • Major Race Results (Breeders Cup, Breeders Series, Derbies)

Is there anything else that you would want added to this list? The paper would either be weekly or bi-weekly depending on how much time I have and how much help I can get in the writing department :slight_smile:

For now that sounds fantastic! I could help some with research and whatnot if you give me what type of data you need.

I would like to automate this sort of thing in the Beta (not article writing, but article submitting/organising/rewarding). Haven’t put much thought into it yet, though, as there’s so much else to do first.

Would be glad to see it back in the meantime, though!

I could offer one of my next year’s foals as a reward. For example, the person could choose among, let’s say, five broodmares in foal and her foal would be offered to that stable after it’s born.
And a free breeding to my stallion maybe?
As for the articles, it would be great to have something about each stallion, especially the real-life studs. And also articles about our best racehorses. Such a ‘newspaper’ could also remind us about upcoming important races, their past winners, real-life equivalents, and so on…  And perhaps something about the annual auctions?

It sounds like a great idea! I’d be willing to do race predictions and race result write ups. I play another horse game where I do write ups for the race results. I can do an example on the upcoming Wed Races.

I also think keeping track of up and coming 2 yo stars would be nice with a small blurb about sire and dam, I’ll write up an example after Wed. races.

Sounds awesome. Can’t wait to read it!

Yay! Please do!

Sounds great.

Sorry got busy this week watch for a couple of example examples for Saturdays 2 yo stakes and possibly more. Have to see what I can figure out.

This an example of a pre race write up. All suggestion are welcome.

For the up and coming 2 yo stars in Saturdays races we have our eye on the following Colts and fillies.

In Race #46 Huntington Stake an ungraded 6 furlong dirt for mixed genders, there are a few stand out horses.

First we are looking at Probation a big 16.2h colt by silver ranked A.P Indy. Probation seems to like sprints winning 5 times, 2 of those Ungraded stakes.

His sire A.P. Indy  is one of the premier senior stallions standing in the FF stables. Silver Ranked both as a sire and broodmare sire, he is also Chef-de-Race(B/I). Sire of 16 foal crops with 85% winners, 61 stakes winners and 33 Multi stakes winners. A.P. Indy is a son of Seattle Slew.

His Dam, Rum Runner, herself a G3 winner is  considered an up and coming black type broodmare. Sired by Seabiscuit and the gold ranked Sugary Lips. Probation is her first foal.

Next we are looking at Batman another big 16.2h colt sired by Gold ranked Nightfight. Batman will need a few more races to truly find his distance, however his 1 win was the G1 Champagne Stakes.

His sire Nightfight owned by Cirque Du Soleil Stables, one of the oldest farms in FF, Nightfight, sired by The Black (G) is himself a phenomenal Race horse winning 12 G1 stakes races, holding 5 speed records and 2015 Eclipse Sire of the Year. As a sire he has 6 foal crops on the ground, with 85% winners, 39 stakes winners and 25 multi-stakes winners.

His dam, Flyby (S), is another mare looking at becoming a black type broodmare. She herself a multi-stakes winner. Datman is her first foal.

Our third place pick in this race is a filly. Doppleganger a big 17.0h Filly by the Gold ranked Express Yourself, seems to prefer sprints on dirt although she has not been tried on the grass.She has multiple stakes placings and could give the boys a run, she

Very cool!  So awesome to see some dimension given to the races again. Also super stoked u picked Batman as one of ur picks!  I look forward to reading more! Thank you thank you!!!

Im glad to see Doppelganger in the lineup :slight_smile: Thanks!

That was a good read :slight_smile: I’d be willing to pitch in incentives for write-ups like that.