A shiny six-horse pulls into Shadow Creek Stables and is parked outside one of the barns. Amy Livingston, the stable’s new owner, and her sister Michelle hop out of the truck. They quietly walk to the back of the trailer and lower the ramp. Amy leads Malibu, a stunning bay two-year-old out of the trailer. Misha smiles and pats the filly’s neck. “She’s a beauty, isn’t she?” Amy asks her sister. Misha nods and bring Possessed, a leggy grey yearling, out of the trailer. Amy smiles and thanks her sister. The two begin to walk side by side to the barns. Amy and Malibu dissappear into the first barn while Misha and Possessed continue to the second barn. Once both horses are settled in and munching on fresh hay and oats, the two sisters begin to unload the tack.

“Malibu is really nice. I think she has a lot of promise. What are you going to call her?” Misha begins.

“Yeah, she is. So is Possessed. He’s going to be a big boy. I think I’ll call her Malia. As for the colt, I think his barn name can be…umm… How about Cairo?”

“That sounds good.”

They finished unloading everything and looked over the ranch. There were four barns, one for racehorses, one for weanlings and yearlings, one for studs and a foaling barn for broodmares and their foals. There were several pastures, ones for several horses, and ones for just one or two horses. They were situated over the rolling hills with their green grass, lush trees and non man-made lakes and ponds. There was a mile galloping track with a practice starting gate and also round pen nearby for lunging and backing. It seemed like horse heaven.