Are there or will Final Furlong have Races in Texas?

Good Evening,

I have looked over the remaining race dates and I did not see any races taking part in Texas. I hoped the game would at least show case some great races at Lone Star Park such as the…(Texas Mile GII, Lone Star Derby GIII, Dallas Turf Cup GIII, and The Lone Star Park Handicap GII) Not to mention the two other tracks , Retama Park and Sam Houston, My farm is located near Lone Star Park in Texas. I was wondering if anybody else had thought about adding more tracks to the game if it was at all possible. I enjoy playing the game and thank everyone for there time. Have a good evening.


Lone Star was added as a track primarily because of the Breeder’s Cup being there.  Japan, Hong Kong, and Dubai are other tracks that are only used for one or two races a year.  Right now there aren’t even enough races to really “fill” the tracks that have full seasons.  I think Shanthi would like to add more races at more tracks, but first the code has to be robust enough to allow 100 races per racing day and there have to be enough active horses to fill 100 races/day.  Since FF still has to add horses to a lot of races to get them to the 6 horse minimum it’ll probably be awhile before that happens.


Thanks for the information.  Could a farm be relocated closer to a race circuit such as the NYRA tracks of Belmont, Saratoga and the Big A. Thanks.


The option to relocate a stable will be available at some point, as it’s on Shanthi’s list of Things To Do, but there is no set arrival date for that feature. The cost to do so would be very expensive, however…the figure I heard batted around was a million dollars or so. Fortunately, she is also planning on the option to board your horse at stables away from home, so that would help make things easier.

;D Thanks Nan, if the new relocate cost would come in to effect would someone be allowed to sell their old farm or stable to help off set the cost? I am fine where I am at but I am just wondering?


No, because you have no actual “farm” (i.e. you didn’t pay to get X acres of land and Y stalls) it’s not really worth anything to sell it. :wink:

I will probably setup some sort of fee scale for moving barns so that bigger barns cost more to move.  However, even if you’re only moving 5 horses, expect it to cost at least 250k or so, simply because I don’t want people just going “hm, I’ll spend 6 months in this place, and then 6 months over here”.

8) Thanks, That makes perfect since but I do like the idea of stable size being an affect on the move that would make it more realistic. Thanks for the reply and have a great day.