Archived Sire of the Year Polls

So, just because it was easy to re-run my script for past years to get sire data from HOTY qualifiers, I set up polls for previous years’ sires of the year.

Please, when voting, only consider horses who ran in that year when judging their sires. Try not to be influenced by what a stallion has done since (good or bad).

Happy voting! :slight_smile:

(I didn’t do the super early years because there were either only one foal per stud, which made picking top studs challenging, or one stud sired almost all the HOTY nominees that year.)

Great addition Shanthi :slight_smile:

Now you’re making me feel old. :-p

I know right! It’s weird thinking “I remember that horse racing” and then looking at the date…

This. is. AWESOME. Thank you, Shanthi!

I remember breeding quite a few of those horses. :wink: